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I Bet Youve Never Seen a Carb Cap Like This! – Channel Caps

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These have been such a craze on the internet and I completely understand why. Its not like any cap ive ever seen before but also performs better than most spinner caps ive come across. These are channel caps from @dnailusa and @change_glassworks. Just a Totally flat, super thin, piece of glass right, nothing to see here! Wrong, they have sandblasted grooves in the back that are just deep enough to allow air to pass through and create the spinnyness. Freakin crazy! They are a bit spendy but the cool factor is what really sells these.

I hope you all enjoyed the quick review! Top to rips coming up here soon!!!!!

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  1. You can buy one of these for like 5 bucks online offbrand

  2. Lmao I just randomly bought one today I asked the guy for the cheapest crab cap and he gave me this, didn’t even make a big deal of it lol bouta try it out rn

  3. Lmao you must've been high as fuck to not figure that out instantly by looking at it.

  4. I have one of these carb caps and I find I have a hard time getting the pearls to spin in most bangers…

  5. Who else notice the MF dicc in the corner of his room lol great video tho

  6. I've just ordered mine online for a little under 15$ it gets here in about 9 days so hopefully it's as good..

    P. S. Check out that rainbow Dick in the background

  7. Very, very nice. I hope you get a couple freebies for all the bizz that's going to come there way. lol jk

  8. Just got a cap waiting till Friday to get a banger

  9. How do it not burn your self with the size and no handle??

  10. Bruh….why you always rockin some herpes lookin shit?!?!?!

  11. Damn dude I had a chance to buy one of these and didn’t no I regret it lol

  12. I believe that it works better then any other carb caps but that price is out of control lol. No way that thing is even close to being that expensive in materials to make it. They are making a killing in these thing haha. I'm just going to wait for other people to start making and selling them for cheaper prices. Appreciate the content bro and sharing your knowledge with YouTube world

  13. I know this is a year old, but a silicone container works the exact same way and have multiple uses, just sayin 👀

  14. $120 and up!?!?! Yeah right. Where’s my dremel tool…screen cap on that close up…also terp pearls just seem like a cool way to flip micro drops of wax down the stem so you can say, “wow I got it all in one hit cause I got the pearls!” Lol

  15. You don’t really want your pearls spinning that fast anyway

  16. When you use you old pog slammers for a carb cap

  17. Idk how you can smoke that much lol. Idk how people even smoke during the day, you get so groggy. Hate that when I have to work. Only smoke at the end of the night when I have nothing left to do.

    That's gotta be so expensive. I've been smoking since I was 15. 25 now. I make a dab of wax last like 2 weeks.

  18. I just got like, idk, 5….7…10k with of their stuff, can't wait to dig in ~

  19. Hard from Bryan you were going to be doing a vid on one of his products, I can't remember, is it the wishing well, or was it something diamondium?

  20. I have one like it and it sucks. Def trash on a deep 30mm e banger.. I could just have a junk one but yeah trash on deep dish enail.

  21. Hey dude, there’s a psychedelic dick on your wall.

  22. Copped one for 25 with the Seed of life on it. So worth it. My only complaint is that when I cough I have to put it down and pick it back up more than a regular spinning carb cap. I use both!

  23. Can you use this on the doctor dabber switch

  24. Does not work with a 25mm bucket with an enail coil (those are too deep).

  25. i like this vid, it helped alot foreal. but what up with the nip rub at the end?? lol!

  26. Are you being serious ? Did you think it went on top sideways then?????? Tf?

  27. I mean the only problem is you have to wait for it to cool before another hit but I guess with wax you supposed to only need one hit

  28. So, I just got one of these. You have to inhale so damned hard. It’s not enjoyable.

    It does it’s job, I give it that. But I’m near out of breath after trying to get the pearl to spin really fast.

  29. Buy a piece of glass and a dremel. I mean.. there ya go. Make one for a $20 bill

  30. I would be staring at the walls for like 3 hours straight if I smoked that much honey oil

  31. Found some on inhalco, 21.99, lets see…

  32. Bro you look like a crackhead, me and my family on the rez in Nuuk think that you also need to stop biting your fingernails and clean them more often, they look putrid.

  33. My little twerp beads don’t spin when I add the wax

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