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I Return To Chuck E. Cheese In Amarillo, TX To See Their 1 Stage

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I traveled to Amarillo Texas to visit their 1 stage again, enjoy!

Sets, Streets and Eats: A Travel Vlog. Traveling thru cities in the USA, visiting movie sets and locations and enjoying great food along the way!

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229th Vlog. Season 7 Episode 26


  1. I'm glad that the original animatronics are back

  2. when my daughter and I went to the CEC summer tour in Dallas to see Bella Bunny we met the Amarillo CEC store manager and she said they still had the band at her store. I just hope they are still there

  3. so Amarillo still has the animatronics as of last month

  4. I went to this one on vacation. The show wasn’t working, but I loved it there. They said they were waiting on a part to come in.

  5. I wish they auctioned off everything at Chuck E. Cheese when a restaurant closes. Why are they destroying their history? There is a bunch of big rabbit holes, but like, you have arcade games which no one cares about, and animatronics, which your entire fan base is. I know for a fact that the only views they are getting on YouTube are the mascot costumes, and old animatronics videos and skits. At least let us preserve your history! The company just wants to disappear. Also, what the heck was that Cec press conference about? Did they randomly decide to admit the animatronics were popular and just, decide to keep them right after the fnaf movie?

  6. It lights up at the South Toledo location

  7. Hey I’m so glad you were back in Texas I see that you were in my city in Houston last year I used to be a CEC fan from 2012-2021 I was CEC Houston and I did had a channel which it was active from 2016-2021 and I joined the fandom in 2016 and I went to every location in Houston I left the fandom and deactivated my accounts because I lost interest and all of my locations are 2.0. My local Childhood Houston TX Gulfgate opened December 2002 housed a Studio C Beta 32M as Phase 3 then in Fall 2013 they got the early Phase 5 remodel and still kept the Beta 32M until early this year they got the refresh 2.0 remodel and Houston Weslayan open October 1982 and it was my nearby 3 stage closed September 2018 and that was Rodney’s store which that was the manager of that location and Stafford opened in September 1992 as a CEC pizza 2 stage which they got 2.0 last year and The Woodlands/ Conroe TX open June 2001 and they got the Fun House in October 2015 which it was removed November 2020 due to Covid and Humble opened December 1999 which it was a former Discovery Zone and Webster opened in March 1993 as a 2 stage and got an Alpha in 2000 back in the 90s in early 2000s Houston had 5 3 stages and 2 2 stages even the Old FM 1960 open as SPP in June 1981 and got the 16 movement Beta in 2009 and closed August 2018 and got relocated down the road

  8. Random question but how old are you? I'm guessing 44 or 45?

  9. The one in Springfield Monjust got the remodel. Went yesterday and the last thing they have left is the rest of the sign

  10. As of now, there's 18 1-stages (though there could be less because CEC locations are remodeling out of nowhere)

  11. As of now, there's 18 1-stages (though there could be less because CEC locations are remodeling out of nowhere)

  12. Wow what customer service. I swear this generation has no clue how to interact with actual people and it's sad.

  13. Ok idk if you will see this but CEC switched to Navori when they got their summer show, which is when Amarillo's stage got stuck in random mode. I'm assuming they haven't installed Navori properly. Bell, CA also has this problem.

  14. I love this place! It's unique.
    I can't wait to see the other stages.

  15. I really love this video. I love watching your videos that are like this.😊

  16. I would like you to come to Cedar Rapids Iowa to see the history they have done here with all the places you have gone to

  17. Jasper in the thumbnail LOL makes the whole video lol.

  18. So I know for the light in jasper’s amp there was on in Knoxville tn but that has gotten 2.0 by now

  19. The slight OCD in me wants to jump on stage and fix Pasqually's crooked mustache lol

  20. These videos are the best!!! I never gotten to experience the animatronics cause all my location that I know of got rid of them:(

  21. wow i love this store, pretty unique! i wish that i can visit that store but im from chile 🇨🇱 there are just studio C's and 1 stages

  22. thank you for visiting my childhood location again! i’m always happy for an update to see the 1 stage i remember is still standing 😁

  23. So do the super new shows (Like made within the last couple months) even have programing? I'm gonna be honest I have no idea about the Gen 2 remodels. I just think the bots are cool lol

  24. Wow, Thier is such a great word. I need to use it more.

  25. Kinda sad they didn’t perform 🙁 And that thumbnail 🤣

  26. ◍𝙼𝙾𝚄𝙽𝚃𝙰𝙸𝙽◍ says:

    8:52 : jasper was scared of what you said lol😂

  27. I miss the dim lit, recessed lighting of the old chuck e cheese

  28. Same thing happened to me in Toronto we were there a few hours nothing…. Went to leave and all of a sudden they started rocking out 😂 Just took a two hour break I guess. Thanks for the video!

  29. I feel bad for you because you came to see them performing but none of the employees bothered to help or do soemthing. I wouldnt say it was a waste of time but it IS one of the last animatronics out here

  30. I don't know why but I always feel such a nice comfort while watching your vids, thank you for posting such great content.

  31. I live here, but the whole munches make believe band stage would’ve been cu1

  32. c u 1 stage was the last to have the full band

  33. nice sucks there in random mode though because the Navori system wasn't installed correctly.

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