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I Spent 100 Days in Minecraft’s BEST Mod (Pixelmon)

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The 100-day journey through Pixelmon content is back! Regarded as the ultimate Minecraft modpack, Minecraft Pixelmon seamlessly merges the worlds of Minecraft and Pokemon, making it a fan favorite. So, relax, get yourself a beverage, and join me as I embark on a 100-day adventure in Minecraft Pixelmon!


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  1. Recently got this mod on my steam deck for minecraft i hope i wont be disappointed

  2. bro didint even see the beedrill was shiny ;(

  3. the fact homie cheated in heavy balls xD

  4. When he got the Glacier his name was Spice Hindu love form India

  5. Hey spice what version of pixel mon is this? I’ve downloaded pixelmon and played it but haven’t seen things like backpacks and more.

  6. im glad knowing this modpack has stayed alive for this many years

  7. It was nice to watch one of these in a few years

  8. I can do better in builds i can build a luxurious house with loads of build hacks.

  9. Is This Server Cracked Supportive too??

  10. "Sees this video and the title"

    -RLCraft left the chat
    -Mowzie's mob left the chat
    -Sodium mod left the chat
    -Lycanite's mob left the chat

  11. are we going to ignore the shiny vulbeat at the beginning

  12. what texture pack and shaders if u don't mind sharing?

  13. Did you have to download a map with plugins? When I do a single player world it’s just bland

  14. Hi bro
    I'm new to your channel.love your videos.from india
    But you told to download pixelmon
    But still did not told how to download minecraft

  15. For some reason your voice makes me kinda sleepy lol

  16. Lol the Silvally being named Arceus

  17. Is it just me or at the start you can see a shiny vullaby in the intro

  18. I love your videos you made my childhood❤😁

  19. This just makes me really miss playing Pixelmon 😭 I haven’t played it in years, but I can’t even remember my Minecraft log in 😞

  20. Thanks bro ily videos cus i get to play my favourite game in childhood and my fav game rn both combined its insane again thank you so much

  21. Why do you never use the silver bottle caps you find? You got like 3 from the dens. They max out the iv of a single stat on a pokemon and their really good

  22. Try to go on your server, but I’m not letting me

  23. why is this literally the only video you make

  24. Yes we still do play pvz it's fun and nostalgic we all love it

  25. W video Spicy. I love watching you play pixlemon. Pixlemon > Cobblemon

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