I went UNDEFEATED with Space Marines | Round 3 vs Aeldari | Tournament Battle Report | Warhammer 40k - famousescapegames.com

I went UNDEFEATED with Space Marines | Round 3 vs Aeldari | Tournament Battle Report | Warhammer 40k

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Hey all, I took your feedback and worked on including that in this Final Round vs. Aeldari. Please let me know if it this worked for you or if I missed the mark. The wait is over! 🎉🔥 Altered beast emulator online is now live on SEGA forever! 🎮💻 Experience the classic action RPG that started it all. 🏹💥

Round 1 vs Thousand Sons:

Round 2 vs Necrons:

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More Battles to come!

I do not claim ownership to the images used in this video. All art belongs to their respective owners Games Workshop. @officialwarhammer

0:00 Intro
0:38 List Building Parameters
1:30 Space Marine List
3:01 Aeldari List
5:20 Deployment/Turn 1
9:10 Turn 2
11:44 Turn 3
13:56 Turn 4
15:12 End of Game/Review
17:00 Outro


  1. What changes or updates would you do to play this list in the current meta

  2. So looking at this list now you'd have what 125 points wonder what you'd add or change or how it's being run now. Looking to switch to space wolves somewhere into early 2024 having been playing grey knights pure infantry with success I'm looking to do the same

  3. 😆 🤣 people didnt like the lik dude thought it was kinda cool

  4. Cool video, I wasn’t sure how your army would fare against vehicles but it seemed to do good. Wraithguard shooting and abilities are crazy good, but I guess as a new player I fall into the trap of trying to shoot them …

  5. Absolutely love this report. Everything is broken down so well and yet it's such a short video! Really stands out as something different and i love it. Really keen to see a codex updated list in this style if you can find something that works!

  6. If you would have not take cleanse, what would you have taken? Your video are extra interesting a'f change my way to see how the game is played!

  7. Is there anyway a RG player could reach out to you about questions?

  8. Amazing amazing reports. Super fun to watch, we learn a lot and we learn great tactics, it is short but cut to the point (which is good), I love how it is shown. Really really good. Totally fresh this types of video for those who like competitive play. Congrats!

  9. First of all, thank you for making three very well thought out reports and beautifully edited to booth! The overlay on the pictures is a great feature and really helps follow your description of the battle.
    I enjoy seeing a Raven Guard list piloted all the way to the top. I remember when you won a GT with RG some years ago with flyers, vanguard vets and scouts, it was awesome and so is this new version of Competitive RG. Do you plan on keeping the two Terminator blocks in the future using the Vanguard Detachment or will you go for more unconventional units like Centurions?
    Thanks for doing this, I'll make sure to follow what you're up to.

  10. I've been binge watching this and watched the other 2 vids, I'm like wow that's so tactical, the 20 termies was the hammer and anvil, shrike is a beast, and the use of infiltrators with 3 phobos librarians were genius

  11. Greaty Job! One thing to note is that reinforcements and strategic reserves no longer need to come into the game by turn 3. The rules now simply state that units are destroyed if not setup up by the end of the game. So basically no requirement anymore.

  12. So sick I could watch these all day long, please do more!! Dig the background music too

  13. Love these reports! They are much appreciated ♥️

  14. The third video is great too. Thanks for the run down of what your opponents units can do. I've got two under two at home so i don't get to actually play 40k much and i am trying to learn by watching videos. These quick videos are great and there isnt a lot of distraction which is even better.

    How much does type of terrain a tournament is using effect how you build the list?

    I have a chance to go to a GT in March so i am trying to learn enough to have fun and not embarass myself. Thanks again!

  15. I appreciate you swapping out the avatar. Great vid! Any plans on how you will use the new assault intercessors w/ jump packs now that assault squad is gone?

  16. Hey neat, just recently found your channel, been enjoying these battle reports, I stumbled across the previous video you made, really thought you put a ton of work and effort not only into your 40k play, but your editing! That always seems to go over looked. Still, you've done a great job, very enjoyable. Here's wishing you the best in your future games and looking forwards to more videos!

  17. Great videos and really well put! Please make more like this! Thanks!
    Congrats on your victory

  18. Im playing Blood Angels, and im thinking taking the new vanguard detatchment, do you think its a great fit ? And btw thanks for great walkthroughs, are really helpful for new player like myself. I havent won a game in 10th yet. 😅

  19. better format, greatly improved with color coding, keep it up!

  20. Thx for all 3 videos, Iam a fan of the Raven Guard. Those videos were amazing. Do you think you could update that list with the upcoming codex + Vanguard Spearhead detachment and give another go in another Tournement?

  21. These are great, you must put lots of effort in and it is appreciated. I like the symbols 🙂

  22. Really good video, great visuals and very concise.

  23. Awesome video. You have disrupted my current army build with this sick list. I'm waiting to see what you come up with for the new detachment.

  24. This is my favorite report of your videos on this tourney. The animated character is cool, but sometimes simpler is better. Made it easier to focus on the battlefield without having the talking head😂. 10/10 for the series. The 20min battlereport with the focus on tactics, misplays, movement and general placing is exactly what I need as I'm trying to get better at a competative level.

  25. This is awesome. I hope you keep making more videos. I’ve learn so much from this channel

  26. Nice to find 40K creator that actually explains so much about the gameplay. Thanks for the video

  27. Oh cool, he used three old Tempest Grav Tanks as the Lynxes. Awesome use of some old out of date models. I think I last used them back in the 04-05 timeframe before I sold them.

  28. Another great video! Hopefully we see more Raven Guard from you with the new detachments! Great tournament showing as well! (this video visually was my favorite as well.)

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