Inflation | My Hero Academia S7 Ep 7 Reaction -

Inflation | My Hero Academia S7 Ep 7 Reaction

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  1. “I LOVE YOU”

    🎀braids my intestines🎀

  2. I think you guys misundstood the motives here are a bit. The villains do not really want to destroy the world but society and the people that made society. Cause aside Dabi they blame their positions on the neglect in a society that worships heroism.
    And they have points: Togas insanity only occurred because she was was told not to suck blood from birds and „to be normal“ until she broke and killed her crush. She was crying the entire time while doing it. Stain was outcasted as well because he had a blood quirk and those are seen as evil and were feared. Blood donations and judging the quirks individually in terms of allowing to use it, would have prevented all that shit.
    In Shiggys case he knew from the start that he was groomed but his braking point was when he wandered the streets all alone and he even recognised „if only one person, just one would have reached out, things would be different“ but instead people were all like „a hero will take care“ because they have lost any sense of responsibility for themselves and others.
    Also note that Shiggy actually stopped AFO from using decay in the beginning of the battle because he looked at Dabi and recognised that it would have killed everyone around him not just the hero’s. That is why AFO is like „don’t get in the way again other me“. Shiggys theme is called „I don’t kill my friends“ by the way so his destructive nature only goes against his enemies.
    Also also the league doesn’t view themselves as villains but really as a liberation front hence the name.

  3. bro they wasted so much time yapping about useless stuff. also i just dont get how toga a normal schoolgirl with a knife is walking on water, has superhuman speed, and is able to 1v3 them like its nothing. deku can easily kick her with 30% power and make her a vegetable . how tf is deku crying about danger sense not working but remains stand still listening to her monologue like bruh. and just after that they show us how fkin fast he is and hes struggling with toga. honestly toga and spinner both are useless but spinner is atleast doing the politics, this girl is not even using her quirk but still is strong somehow

  4. The only way erens situation is different is that he's actually worse than these guys. He fully wanted to kill every single person on the planet. These guys mostly wanna destry society and its structure. Sure, people will die in the process, but they arnt killing just to kill, theyre destroying for the sake of their own happiness.

  5. Guys you should watch Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy

  6. The thing is roshi is trying to argue with these villains actions wth logic when they simply didn’t have the luxury to get any logical thinking process to begin wth.Being abused and neglected in their childhood did not give them a chance to see whats right or wrong or what these two rlly are or how to imply them in certain situations. How you being raised is extremely important not only as a kid but even in the very first day as a baby and they even f* that up. So im not surprised that they ended up like this tbh it would be weird if they didnt. For dabi attacking only his father would require somewhat of an advanced thinking process bcs he would sees that the other people are innocent (bcs they weren’t involved) and his father was in the wrong. To give him so much credit to think that he is able to separate these two groups would be too much

  7. Sheera cooked y'all!!! You deserved it 👏👏👏

  8. I see y'll returned to your origins in the intro

  9. If Deku detroit smashed Toga she'd change sides.

  10. i died laughing when Jinx caught a random stray from Lupa lmao he hates her bruh lmao

  11. Shoto please get your plate of fajitas fresh out the kitchen brother to CALM DOWN for a minute

  12. We saw Endeavour produce blue flames in season 2.

  13. Manuel need to just change his hero name to Clear Eyes.

  14. this season really made me excitedly tune in back to MHA 💗

  15. Sheera was Coookingg!! She definitely understands and internalizes the show exactly how Horikoshi wants us too. Glad shes hear to spread the point of views

  16. Let's see.. we will put Supernova Dabi in a city and have blood gawk girl surrounded by the ocean. Makes perfect sense

  17. As manga read I can not wait for u guys to what Kohei horikoshi has been cooking up cause GAWD DAMN THIS SHIT ABOUT HEAT UP

  18. Todoroki got the short end of the stick. Every other team got high level pro heroes and he just got some sidekicks.

  19. I like MHA's angle with villain empathy, no forgiving but understanding cuz that means we can prevent OTHER villains caused by the failings of society

  20. Yeah I see how Sheera is seeing it. The villains didnt start that way, they were created that way by a world that turned on them. So, in their mind, they are the heroes for the outcasts

  21. My theory is Dabi can make ice internally, which is why his hair is white. Maybe the ice only affects the inside of his body?

  22. Bro Sheera cooked y'all at the end. Sounds like y'all finally got that Wok! :O

  23. endeavor didn't call dabi a failure. he wanted him to stop because it was killing him

  24. As weird as she is, love Toga's character because she's so fucked since a child. Her quirk and personality drew her to putting compassion along with blood. So she sees love as wanting their blood, to be them. It makes her feel good. And due to that, everyone rejected her and she had to hold all those feelings inside until she no longer couldn't.

    She never received the love and help she truly needed as a person to realize the difference she needed to understand. So since the world rejected her she wants to just be free and allow others that also were held down and caged due to their feelings and abilities to also be free.

  25. Niggas saying let toga live how she wants like she not trying to eat people and drink them

  26. Roshi's logic is:

    Eren can kill everybody including innocent kids but Dabi must only target Endeavor 😂

  27. Dabi been saving the heat for seven seasons.

    Also I appreciate that y'all can hash out the villain takes in real time on cam with honest opinions.

  28. I’ve never seen hypocrisy in how people talk about the villains get so blatantly called out. I salute you Sheera. ✊

  29. Wait a minute hold on two questions 1. Was that Crust in the beginning? I thought he died? 2. where is that mushroom girl?! The one who had NO problem releasing spores into her classmates throats during a training exercise 🤨

  30. Lol lupa hairline and crispy fade can literally tank the whole my hero series all he gatta do is show up 😂

  31. lol Roshi…. why in the hell you look 10 years younger lol it also looks like you lost weight.

  32. The ending of the video where all of you were arguing. Ya'll about to start your own war arc.😅

  33. I personally am going to have to disagree with the argument “Erens situation is different” because when you really sit and think about it, how is Erens mindset any different from (let’s say for example,) Shigarakis? let me explain;

    BOTH Shigaraki and Eren had/has this mindset of completely annihilating the people who hurt them. in Shigarakis case, this is of course before AFO (basically) completely took over his body and mind, Shigaraki truly felt like hero society and the hero system was corrupt, resulting in him wanting ALL HEROES to die. Especially All Might, who in this case would be his main enemy. Eren is no different when it comes to this mindset. Eren truly believed the suffering of his people would end if EVERYONE ELSE were to perish, thus going through with the rumbling. (Marley being his main enemy in this case, but ultimately choosing to kill EVERYONE ELSE. see the correlation?)

    The only reason people may support or empathize with Eren over Shigaraki is solely due to the way the animes (in this case) were executed. In AOT, viewers (and readers) were given multiple seasons to empathize with all of Erens loses before realizing Eren was (basically) the villain the entire time. But, by the time you get to that realization, you’ve already built a strong emotional connection with Eren, so it’ll be hard to come to terms with the fact Eren wasn’t RIGHT. (this could also explain why there was so much denial circulating social media when Eren revealed his “true colors” i guess you can say.)

    MHA on the other hand, ALWAYS shed a dark, negative light on the villains. since day one! Shigarakis backstory could be fully pieced together very late in the show, and I say fully pieced because it’s not all revealed at once, but throughout the seasons. By the time Shigarakis tragic backstory can be understood and people can finally understand why he thinks about hero society the way he does, he’s already done too much damage to really be “forgiven”.

    (I’d also like to add BOTH Shoto and Shigaraki had abusive fathers, caring mothers, and heroes they looked up to as kids. I’d go as far to say Shoto was MORE abused than Shigaraki, yet you still forgave Endeavor? Why? Because he’s a hero? How is Endeavor any different, if not worse, than Shigarakis father? Endeavor also used and abused his wife for his own personal gain, and called his children useless if they weren’t born the way HE envisioned, which is pretty shitty, and honestly, irredeemable to me personally. You’ll only forgive him because he’s a hero, but you won’t sympathize for the person who was FORCED into the villain side of society by AFO (literally shown in the anime!!) and manipulated into thinking hero society is a bad thing (his father literally told him Nana Shimura abandoned them!!). Me personally, if i was Shoto and had to deal with all of that growing up and barely being a TODDLER, I’d probably end up succumbing to AFO at that age.)

    Anyways! yeah, eren is no different from shigaraki in terms of mindset. shigraki has done things viewers could visibly see, while eren has done things “off camera (lol)” away from the viewers, later being revealed in future seasons. this is why people argue they are different, but they really aren’t!

    (None of this is written to justify EITHER of them, but simply to put into perspective for those who pick and choose who to empathize with :))

  34. In my opinion, even though genocide is wrong, Eren was much more justified in what he did. The rest of the worlds armies would have came and cooked Paridis Island even though they were just minding their business. F*ck what the Eldians did 100 years ago. They’re all dead. These Eldians were just chilling.

    We’ve literally had scenes where Dabi was just burning random people. This man really said ‘My dad was abusive towards me. Now everyone else gotta pay.’

  35. No way ya'll really thought Mirko was dead lmao

  36. Sheera made a good point at the end with Eren 😂

  37. Christ bless you, I need this fight now!

  38. Lmao I support Eren too Roshi. The world said f him and he said aight, its time to fulfill my destiny.

  39. More ethical dialogue after episodes please😂😂😂

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