Jo Koy Tears Up About Mom And Filipino Representation | Netflix -

Jo Koy Tears Up About Mom And Filipino Representation | Netflix

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Jo Koy is in the hot seat on this episode of Spill the Boba Tea! The comedian joins Wong Fu’s Philip Wang at Bopomofo Cafe to craft a custom boba tea drink based on his life, career, and latest Netflix special, Jo Koy: Live from Brooklyn.

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Jo Koy Tears Up About Mom And Filipino Representation | Netflix

In this unfiltered stand-up special, comedian Jo Koy takes on energy vampires, mumble rap, emoji flirting and the surprise of being called a zaddy.


  1. My neighbors think I am dying right now because I am laughing at the raw hand making a drink😂😂😂

  2. Jokoy is the typical Filipino. Always desiring White people's validation and acceptance. (Though he is half white though, but you get my point). It is already part of our culture.

  3. Jo Koy is what you call a comic prodigy with so much potential to become a bigger name until GG tailored made his hosting stint to failure. May the cancel culture FAIL to rob this man with the recognition that he deserves..

  4. Love the raw emotion. Great interview. I’m a big fan of you both. Rice is rice😁

  5. I need more Mom jokes please and less cursing, putang ina. 😁😁

  6. doesn’t oat milk have the cancer causing pesticide glysophate?

  7. After his terrible sexist jokes involving the premise of the barbie movie, I couldn't care less about him representing filipinos. He's bad representation.

  8. Is that Phil's TSX in the background lol

  9. Great video! I can’t believe you mentioned my aunt Tita Marge…… Margie Portugal. Thank you Jokoy!!! ❤❤❤

  10. Any jokes better than “mom”? Need to re invent

  11. Jo Koy roasting Phil cracked us up! This is probably the most unhinged episode yet. 😆

  12. I love to be a pilipina because of that man im proud to be a pilipino he is a perfect representation of a true pilipino i love jokoy so much

  13. Empty ice cream containers are for fish and meat, empty cup noodles cup is best "baso"/glass. 😂😂😂

  14. Love the eat with your hands, Filipino style 😎😂

  15. As a Filipino American I don’t want representation, I want integration. Representation eludes to needing special accommodation, I would rather earn what I merit not have it handed to me.

  16. Oh naurrrr, we can't bring Jo Koy in Thailand or Vietnam, hahaha! Cilantro is everywhere! hahaha! But when he's there he might like it (like I did). Hahah!

  17. didnt expect to tear up a bit, proud of you man!

  18. Agreed with Jo Koy about cilantro. I am Asian and I hate cilantro. I don’t eat them.

  19. I hope all Asian Americans support themselves and raise themselves up. It’s not 20 years ago. Nowadays you have a voice and racism is slowly getting killed off. Be out there, have some Asian pride. This is how it is and what we need to do to get respect in the west.

  20. this dude is great, luv your mom stories, funny but also very warm

  21. Isn't this the really unfunny comedian who presented whatever it was a few months ago?

  22. His entire comedy is about his Filipino mom but never mentions his white dad. Interesting how he can only make fun of her.

  23. Philip Wang and Jo Koy in the same building at the same time! Hype!

  24. The Danish cookie tin was my grandma's sewing toolbox!!

  25. @youtubeyoutubeyoutube9961 He literally said in the interview he has no relationship with his white dad and his white relatives growing up. They weren't present in his life.

  26. @oscarwebb26 Oh you mean the comedian who sells out stadiums, like Madison Square Garden, T-Mobile Arena, and the LA Forum?

  27. Can you find a more lovable person like Jokoy? He always make sure he goes back to his roots! Giving homage to all and spreading positive vibes wherever he goes! I really enjoyed watching Jo and Philip collab! We love you Josep!

  28. 🎉❤🎉❤ congrats Kuya Jo. His new Brooklyn special is soooo good. Laughed so damn much and with new material too.

  29. Wongfu meets Jokoy! My inner Asian child is rejoicing! Cool interview!

  30. This dude is one of those comedians who used humor to cope with life. You'll know more in his various podcast interviews. Too bad for that GG gig, but he has a special vibe and I'm sure he'll continue blazing a trail. I recommend his 1st and 2nd Netflix specials, Live from Seattle and Comin in Hot

  31. P-Koy. You swear too much in your latest F-ing special.

  32. Not just Filipino Representation but also our culture at it's core.

  33. So funny! Jokoy always makes me laugh at the same time tear up. First time to see Philip Wang he’s a good host.

  34. Emotion = heart! You got great heart jokoy!

  35. So fun! I want me a Tear of Jo too ! ❤😂❤😂 hahahaah five fingers!!!!

  36. 👍🏻👌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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