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LET YOUR SPIRIT FLOW Acrylic Pouring and Fluid Art and Airbrush Embellishment for Healing

J Mo Painting
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LET YOUR SPIRIT FLOW Acrylic Pouring and Fluid Art and Airbrush Embellishment for Healing

November 3rd we are tackling open cup pours and November 4th we will be doing Chameleon cells! Spaces are LIMITED as I am getting my feet wet here organizing the event. Head on over to and book your classes today before they are gone!

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Fluid art especially, acrylic pouring for me is a very therapeutic artform. I really enjoy the process of acrylic pour painting and that is why I made this fluid painting tutorial for you! All the fluid art technique I use are suited for pouring for beginners as well as intermediate level artists. If you love fluid painting with acrylics or this acrylic pouring technique smash that thumbs up button for me as it really helps the channel grow!

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  1. What is this “new” argon oil product? The same as OGX? Please explain. Thanks

  2. اتابعك من المغرب عملك رائع اتمنى مساعدة احد لاقتني هده الألوان

  3. That is absolutely beautiful!!! May I ask where you got the stencil? And the oil trick, can you use any oil? Or just that particular kind? I'm not usually fond of cells and lacing, but the way yours turned out is stunning! Aboslutely gorgeous!

  4. How do you store your finished paintings? Especially in AZ if I try to stack them I worry about them sticking and ruining the painting

  5. So beautiful. I like this better than the first one! Great job!❤

  6. It's funny, once you get use to a certain temp it does feel colder even when it's what would be really warm to other people. Must be super cool, summer all year round. I like the snow but just to visit it haha. Thanks for sharing the painting, it came out super cool! Would never have thought to use these colors together like that. HAHAAA I swear that I'm the one that coined the JMo Flip WooHooo love that you said that 😁 that mist is nuts! The airbrushing turned out great this time!

  7. I love this palette! How about the same, in a day you're not looking for that beautiful feathering, for the flip and a ribbon pour over it with everything but the blue? I don't know what it would be a background for, but maybe there's something in your stencil collection that would work. That mist make the painting look like a broken piece of marble; you really stumbled upon something. and the gradients really work.
    I've been doing straight pours but now I want to do a J-Mo splat. Haven't bloomed for a while, not since I ran out of J-Mo medium…
    I hope this was the "silver line-ing" you were looking for in this painting.

  8. You did well with the design J Mo. You might find this one selling soon too ❤

  9. Your base looked like Carrera marble before you sprayed the oil on it. I like the little streaks of blue also. You are getting very good with the airbrush!! The painting looks great. 💙

  10. That looks amazing. You are doing well with the airbrush ❤❤

  11. Johnny, this one is just as stunning as the last! Amazing!

  12. You might try a vaporizer for your art studio.

  13. I'm absolutely loving these!! Giving me tons of inspiration for when I finally get my art area figured out in my new place!!!

  14. I can only laugh when people say it’s sweater weather when it’s below 100 degrees because only time I’ve ever had to wear a sweater is when you go inside a place where its chilly in there, like movie theaters, that’s when I’ll wear a light jacket to keep warm, it’s beautiful weather these days is right!!

  15. That turned out fantastic! In sweaters here in Ar. but were in the mid. 60's . Take care.

  16. Wait til your first winter there in Phoenix everyone will be bundled up in parkas and you'll be wearing a sweatshirt.

  17. Oh yeah did I mention that it would be an honor to meet you or watch you in person. I took live in Phoenix. I bet it takes the paint longer to dry here. It was 103° yesterday and it's going to be like that all week 😞. Have fun and use thee force. . 😊

  18. That little bit of blue just really set it off when you spritzed it

  19. Maybe a bit more blue. Looks good with the greys

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