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Let’s Talk: Spinner Caps

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18+ Video for Legal Cannabis Patients & Adults.

In this video we take a more in depth look at a very popular dab tool, the spinner cap!!!

DISCLAIMER: I did not create any of the music played during this video nor do I own any of the rights to it


  1. Buy a 2 hole spinner that is not concave but convects

  2. Hi thank u. Im struggling to find a good budget carb cap. Ive gone to a dozen stores and none are great. Just mediocre

  3. Fresno California tappin in 💨🍯

  4. Hey brother Mike! Do you like that round channel cap vs the flat because it keeps it centered better? Also where did you get that flat bottom round banger?

  5. hey dead cynic can i ask what size mm your diameter of banger is?? would it matter if mine was a smaller 23 size? does that mean i should grab 4 mm size pearls ? sounds about right? but the bucket looks huge lol

  6. where can you get a nice spinner cap for sub 20 bucks online?

  7. You down with O T P? Yeah you know me! Lol one trick pony caps are the best! I did the same as you by getting a gordo sci riptide crosscurrent cap which doesnt work the best spent 240 and then i got a clear otp for 80 and ive used it everyday since i got it back in September of 2020.

  8. Just ordered a blob glass spinner cap had a really hard time finding 1 for a 30mm banger while see how it turns out

  9. Channel caps won't spin pearls in a 25mm bucket made for an enail coil. I guess it's too deep.

  10. Diamonds are a girl's best friend but these pearls are a man's best friend.

  11. Sheesh fam where you get that rig from clean 🤙🏽

  12. Is it possible to have to small of a rig to ratio of the nail to where you have to hit the rig hard to get the pearl to spin, to the point of getting water.

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