LUSH BUBBLE SPINNER 💫 Reusable Bubble Bar DEMO REVIEW 💫 Fidget spinner -

LUSH BUBBLE SPINNER 💫 Reusable Bubble Bar DEMO REVIEW 💫 Fidget spinner

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Let’s try out the brand new Bubble Spinner bubble bar from the LUSH UK.

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  1. I love this one I bet it smells amazing to 🙂

  2. I managed to get this one spinning really well! it took a lil bit of time to get the positioning just right but when I did it was spinning around really fast, I got like a 20 second clip of it. I love the smell of it it's super strong 🙂

  3. Fidget spinners are banned but my teacher never said bath bombs are

  4. Noooo even lush is falling into the fidget spinner craze smh

  5. Looks like pink lemonade to me. Kinda cool. 🙃

  6. guys right before the video instead of loading with a circle it was a fidget spinnner

  7. Another awesome video! Ive been watching you for years! Could you do a cocktail with dragons egg bath bomb and karma bubble bar? That would be gorgeous.

  8. I still don't know how reusable bubble bars work 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

  9. I don't actually like fidget spinners but the spinning loading circle thing has been changed to a fidget spinner on youtube vids about spinners and I find that pretty cool

  10. I feel like the reason why the spinner wasn't spinning was because when you look at your faucet, the water isn't as direct or as pressurized like some other faucets. Great video though!

  11. I was joking with my mum a few weeks ago that every store now has fidget spinners, even if they have nothing to to with what the store usually sells, and I said to her "Soon we'll see fidget spinners in Lush!". It pains me that I was right…

  12. Did you get the Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb?! By the time I heard about it, it was sold out! 😭😭😭

  13. I was expecting cloudy gray water once all the colors mixed, but I was pleasantly surprised with the pale pink. Thanks for reviewing this!

  14. Gosh! U gotta keep up with the trends am I right, Lush? 😉

  15. I miss 2010 lush, all the best stuff was out back then, plus we had lush retro.

  16. Idk why I'm watching so many bathbomb tutorials I don't even have a bath

  17. oh kay. whenever i rewinded this video i got a fidget spinner loading symbol, what the actual heckkkk

  18. Still waiting for mine to arrive!! 😅😅

  19. WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THIS WORLD, and why did I watch this whole thing? lol

  20. Since watching ur channel I've realized that my dream job is lush bath product tester 😂

  21. Just because you said it smells like a lemon head, I need to buy that.

  22. That's actually a really good idea to make a fidget spinner bubble bar

  23. OH my GOSH!! I bought a Lush U.K. Bubble Spinner Reusable Bubble Bar and it smells soooooooooo good!!! I love mine!!

  24. I think she used a BIT too mutch. Like, it says re-useable…

  25. I agree with her I'm not a fan of some citrus scents. It reminds me of kitchen cleansers. However I did purchase this spinner for my 6 yr old niece n I think she will love it since she liked Elsie so much!

  26. People are grumpy cuz it's a fidget spinner
    I'm happy cuz it looks cute (and I do own one and it's used when I have anxiety[i have ADHD and I'm autistic] and I actually want to try it 🙂

  27. These work amazingly when the tap water is actually pressurised.

  28. I was very disappointed with this. I got for my daughter because she loves fidget spinners. This made her break out all over!! It was horrible….she had to be on benadryl and steroids. Not fun!

  29. Wow my sons would love these! You do not have a fidget spinner?! They are fun! Nice bath bomb🛀💕

  30. I am going to use it right now! Thanks for letting us know how it works😘

  31. Thank you for showing me what this meant lol!! My friend just gave this to me for my birthday c:

  32. everyones hating on these but i actually think they are really cute and just a fun little thing to use every once in a while when i need a pick-me-up i really love the snowflake spinner for christmas 2018

  33. I had the exact same one before and thought it was a bathbomb, so I put it in my bath tub and it did nothing ;-;

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