Lush Bubble Spinner bubble bar demo 2017 -

Lush Bubble Spinner bubble bar demo 2017

Willow Biggs
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Lush Bubble Spinner bubble bar demo 2017 – with lime, orange and lemon you spin me right round right round bubble spinner with a light fresh fun scent


  1. I really hope you're feeling better xxxx. Fab review xxx

  2. Omg u hurt yourself…I broke my shoulder!
    I can't get into a bath either…
    Thanks this spinner looks like fun..
    Take care!

  3. Wow…my story not that interesting…i was walking to Santa Monica lush shop talking to my friend…and there was a crack in sidewalk & boom THERE I went flying water bottle & everything!
    Thank goodness there was someone there to help me up…Oh I was in pain shock…ended up in ER then they said shoulder is broken but doesn't need surgery…went to my orthopedic next day…we had to do surgery within 10 days….AND tomorrow I am going for 2nd surgery to remove a screw & to rotate my shoulder full under anesthesia terrified!!! I was on loopy drugs too…

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