Lush 'Bubble Spinner' bubble bar -

Lush ‘Bubble Spinner’ bubble bar

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  1. Just got ours today…that thing has ALL the sweet, lemony 🍋 goodness! 👌🏼

  2. Thank you April for reviewing this, I wanted to see what you thought of it before ordering it. I love citrusy smells so this should be good.

  3. Hi April 👋🏻 My son took a bath with his and ours didn't spin. 😔The scent is nice though. 🌵

  4. Love your reviews. Think I'll give this one a miss as I don't love the reusable bath products. X

  5. Such a nice idea 🙂 I've never reused a bubble bath because I like to have a strong flavour and lots of bubbles ^^

  6. That looked like a lot of bubbles! Excited to try this one!

  7. I just got mine in and it smells AMAZING!! Such a cool concept♥️ reminds me of refresher shower jelly

  8. Wow that's a lot of bubbles…
    I have a Q your hair is so nice…i was wondering what shampoo & conditioner you use from lush???
    My hair is frizzy & dry lol looks like a mop!!!
    Thanking you ahead of time for your assistance!!

  9. What time does lush kitchen in California time do they put their kitchen items on the website ?

  10. I could watch you all day, your voice is so soothing! Love your videos, I'm new to lush and a few of my purchases have been down to you. Thanks!

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