Lush Haul- New Spring Products -

Lush Haul- New Spring Products

Jennifer Ikelman
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Over the weekend we took a trip to the Lush store. We saw the new products and were given a demonstration of some of the new items. We let the kids each pick out a fun Bath Bomb as a special treat. #lush #lushspring #bathbombs


  1. Wouldn't it be so awesome to be involved in producing handmade cosmetics? I would absolutely Love that. How cool, I think I heard of this brand once. Never seen it though. What a nice looking bath bomb collection available there. I tried a bath bomb for the first time in my life two nights ago. I was underwhelmed for how fast it went, and how I couldn't even smell it. Maybe because it was a mini?

  2. The testing seems fun.. even I want to do the testing… girl I am a follower your channel, hope you do the same to support🌷🌷🌷🌷

  3. It seems your children had a lot of fun. 😁 I went in there once with my family I was glad my husband was with me and looked after the kids or else they would have tried to eat the soaps hahaha. 😆

  4. That is a really cool bubble spinner!!! I love the lush store 🙂

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