Lush Haul shower gels & bubble bars (time stamps) -

Lush Haul shower gels & bubble bars (time stamps)

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Here’s my previous lush shower gel haul video with all the gels
01:25 Calacas
5:00 American Cream
6:43 Avocado Wash
8:50 Honey Drip bath melt This is actually made with a variant of Vanillary called the vanilla Dee lite lotion fragrance.
10:52 Candy reusable bubble bar brush
12:13 Lemon reusable bubble bar
13:02 Im Forever Blowing Bubbl s reusable bubble bar
14:22 Petigrain Flower reusable bubble spinner
16:18 Blue reusable bubble bar
16:44 my faves in this box


  1. I know this is over a year later but I had to say… you are the FIRST reviewer I’ve come across to keep it real about ‘American Cream’… Honestly, I’ve never smelled anything but vanilla play doh… I bought it again thinking maybe I got an off-batch… The strawberry-orange part of the scent description is a little misleading… I love the formula and color tho so… Lush continues to get my money… 😂🤷‍♀️

  2. I had read in the comments on another video that the lemon reusable bubble brush shares its scent with lemony flutter body cream. I've never smelled it – do you think that's right?


    lush got exciting again!!!! it’s so much fun!:) plus all these amazing vegan/cruelty free and ethical companies coming to light are so exciting as well!! ahhh i feel like i’m having so much fun i’m basking in the beautiful scents all around 😍😍 all my four calacas’ smell different >:) my first calacas however was extremely strong and beautiful it’s what made me fall in LOVE with calacas but my other ones seem to not be as strong but still my favorite scent 🙂 and you’re right you have to use all these gels in water to properly get its scent!!!! nice video :3

  4. I have never smelt the strawberries as everyone says lol and it’s funny I hate the smell of the conditioner butnlove the smell of the gel , would you say that the second batch smells the same as the first their is still some left ! Just hoping that it’s the same as the first cause I’m ordering from Australia lol

  5. Just so you know, the lemon reusable bubble bar is Lemslip Buttercream Scented.

  6. I swear Avocado wash smells like a key lime pie. So yummy.

  7. How can I identify the stronger scented Avocado Wash, I'd like to see which one of them I received

  8. Even if I do not like citrus scents so much, I have orderd calacas and avocadowash. Do you think I will like them?

  9. I got one bottle of Avocado wash on the inital launch day. I ordered 4 more bottles on the restock day. My original bottle is very strongly scented and leaves the sent on the skin. It's the best!
    The 4 bottles I just received are all made by Nathan (dark haired guy in the picture), batch B01. 2 of the bottles are very lightly scented and 2 of them don't have any scent at all. I tried to wash with them and even the light scent doesn't stay on the skin…. not very happy I spent last of my money on these :/

  10. Ugh thank you so much for your vast knowledge of Lush Scent families! I smelled the Honey Drips bath melt and I. Could. Not. figure out what it smelled like! It was driving me batty!

  11. The bitter orange flower is actually called Neroli! The bitter orange tree leaves and twigs extracts are the Petitgrain oil Used in the bubble spinner!

  12. Simply the best lush information available! Thank you! Loved this video, thanks for sharing. I really hope these will become available in Canada at some point or another. Also – lush physic information, this has me so intrigued! Would really enjoy hearing more about this in another video perhaps. ❤️❤️

  13. I cant wait to sniff on Honey Drips😍 Im a huge Vanillary girl!! Its looks bigger than i thought it would be.

  14. 5 orders in one day!?! That makes me so excited for you!! 🤗🤗🤗
    Thank you for sharing, love your videos!

  15. Clary Sage is completely different from both white sage & common sage that are used in smudge sticks. They also smell quite different. I also love Calacas, but I have two bottles from the release late last year still. LOVE Avocado Wash & SULTANA mmm. I really wish Avocado Wash wasn't sold out, as I didn't know what it smelled like until it was gone online but cést la vie 🙁 I do like American Cream, but not enough to go crazy over it. My son loves it though! I really like Grass and am on the fence with Flying Fox…thought I'd love it because I adore palmarosa, but it just has a hint of it in there.

  16. WOW, April! You are one popular lady. All the bath product companies realize how important you are to them. We all love you and put great faith in your opinions on products. Keep up the good work for us!

  17. Wow you got yours quick! I still haven't gotten my first order of American cream

  18. April if they're made by different compounders, they're not the same batch 😂

  19. Avo-cowash: refresher sweets in uk.

  20. 5:59 what makes the fragrance is that magical and never 100% natural word in the ingredients list called 'perfume'. 😉

    ..(its usually around 40% synthetic)

  21. I feel like I need to start waiting for your opinion on Lush items I’ve never smelled before before buying them lol. I bought 3 American Cream shower gels (had never smelled the hair conditioner but have been really craving strawberry bath products) and thought from the description and from a few other’s opinions on their AC shower gels who claimed it smelled like a strawberry milkshake that it would, indeed smell like a strawberry milkshake. It does not. It smells exactly like vanilla and herbs like you’ve described and based on that scent description I would have left them where they were as it was the only shower gel I ordered that I am not a huge fan of.

  22. From the description online, I thought that the petigrain flower might smell like madame president. Glad I didn't get that before I saw your description! Would you compare the mint one to anything already existing?

  23. Forever Blowing Bubbles is Sexy Peel / Bubble Spinner scented. Also, all of the paint brushes and the bubble blower are becoming mainline.

    Petigrain is Madam President scented.

    The Mint brush is Freeze/Ice Blue scented.

  24. I recently ordered a Calacas hopefully it’s as potent maybe this newer batch was a bit rushed and they’re cutting down on ingredients to make more batches :/ it’s my first time ordering calacas so either it’s going to be new to me and I won’t be able to pick up any difference lol

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