Make a Free Interactive Spinner Wheel Game in 3 Minutes (No Coding)! -

Make a Free Interactive Spinner Wheel Game in 3 Minutes (No Coding)!

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Spice up your classroom, meeting room, or casual game nights with a versatile, free and interactive spinner wheel! Let your players submit their entries to the wheel using just their phones.

Spinner wheels are just one of many features that AhaSlides supports for free.

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  1. when you take money from them you gotta say you know that well

  2. Thanks to this me and my friends have decided what to eat for lunch😂

  3. I have a gaming computer have a gaming computer I don't have the same thing as gaming

  4. How do you remove the wheel sounds and add your own sounds? also how do you remove the annoying sound when u win?
    Also can you please tell me how to introduce some variables and then if i put some stats in the wheel they would change the values of other future wheels? (lets say for a wheel race)

  5. It's a pity that the other person only sees the result of the draw. I thought two people would be able to use the wheel.

  6. Is there a way to present the wheel without showing the entries you’ve logged in? I don’t want them to have to download anything to win. I will spin the wheel myself

  7. can i use this on my youtube channel in a video?

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