Marble Marble: Bubble pop game, Bubble shooter FREE | NOGAME STUDIO -

Marble Marble: Bubble pop game, Bubble shooter FREE | NOGAME STUDIO

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👉 FREE Bubble game, like Zumba Revenge with 400+ lvl, Download bubble shooter now!
👉 Welcome to Marbles games free, in your childhood PC version “Zuma” is the best Egypt Marble balls shooter, now we try to rebuild the clone version. New graphics and new challenge levels in Zumba classic game! Navigate the comedic chaos of Skibidi Toilet. From the first viral video to the latest episodes featuring new monster wrestlers.👉 How to play MARBLE MARBLE game?
– We will introduce Zumba to you an easy way, you should try save you time.
– When Mr.Frog King (ball shooter) is ready to fire, you can shoot the balls via touch everywhere to direction of MARBLE fly way.
– If marble flies out of screen, they will disappear (so if you need to make a current ball shooting games chain longer just throw them away).
– In Mr.Frog King place have 2 marbles blast, smaller one is the candidate, and bigger one is ready one. Mr.Frog King can be tired, you can shoot blast so fast like touch, let wait a little bit.
– What color of marble is next one? based on all main marble strings (two desperados), its random base on MARBLE color exists.
– Here we have 7 color marble kinds at all, more color ball popper will be more difficult.
– Game wins when no zuma exists. Game lost when one of the jungle marble blast gold hit Frog Hole.
– Marble madness will explode when hit Frog Devoted Servants.

👉 MARBLE MARBLE for everyone, download MARBLE MARBLE & enjoy matching puzzle games!
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