Next-Gen Piston Cup Series [Event 1 Compilation] -

Next-Gen Piston Cup Series [Event 1 Compilation]

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Welcome to the 2024 Next-Gen Piston Cup Series here at WeRaceDiecast!

Our content is intended for audiences 13+

2024 Next-Gen Piston Cup Series:
34 Pixar Cars Drivers will compete across 10 different Events in the Next-Gen Series. Each Event will feature a new Track, Layout, or racing style where drivers will compete to earn points. Points will accumulate each Event until the 10th and final Event where a Champion will be crowned.

Event 1: 3 Car Mega Jump
Track: Mega Jump Track
Style of Race: 3 Car Racing Groups
Number of Qualified drivers: 27 of 34
How to Win: Win 3 races before your competitors in your group to move on.
Points: points will be awarded at the end of the event based on the drivers performance and how far they get into the tournament.

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  1. This is a Compilation of Event 1. let us know what you think with a comment, like and share with friends and family who you think might enjoy the content! Thank you for watching!

  2. I’m early! I love these races and your commentary! Professional level stuff

  3. This track was awesome for its unpredictability.

  4. Nice collection of next gens
    I dont have that many different characters yet from the next gen racers
    I do have 12 different jackson storms lol

  5. Damn I love your slo mos…I need that in my life!

  6. 36:50 race is such a nail biter! Also MCQueen has that insane plot armor man XD

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