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Pokémon Scarlet – The Teal Mask (Part 1)

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Part 1 of my playthrough of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s DLC, the Teal Mask!
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Edited by Katie Rose
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  1. I think the reason it wouldnt let you ise koridon at first is because it wanted you to actually explore

  2. Mikey can have a flying tera typ Poochyena now

  3. They didnt change crit captures, they’re just only for pokemon you’ve caught before

  4. He did not get selected specifically, he just bought a ticket

  5. Now we have a reason why we don’t want a rotam to take over a vending machine

  6. I just wanna know how long it took you to get the shiny applin. I’ve used two shiny sandwiches and still haven’t gotten one, but found a shiny noibat without a sandwich 😂

  7. In the bottom right of the map is a vending machine. Then buy the syrup apple

  8. I did not know that mikey was a boy scout. It's nice to know that there are still boy scouts out there in the world, considering I'm also a boy scout.

  9. 30:30 poor guy carmine stop bullying you're brother sure i little bit is healthy but you're traumitizing him 30:50 I LOVE HIM

  10. Makes me feel bad – accidentally found the source of the syrupy apples before I even met the caretaker, I think.

  11. why was he pronouncing blueberry like that 😂😂

  12. sounds more Russian than Scottish now lol

  13. ''i dont know why i made him scottish… or irish'' – proceeds to do a vaguely russian accent. 🙂

  14. 1:53 it’s still pretty easy, I went up the mountain and caught a level 80 Grass terastallized Lampent. And with charcoal almost nothing stood a chance.
    10:59 #1 indeed.
    I got Turtwig from the egg.

  15. Someone should use the picture of micheal and kiki and the caption should be trying to convince an awkward child to subscribe

  16. "Is it Chimchar for everyone?"

    Mine was Piplup! ^_^

  17. Seeing Mikey struggle to find the syrup apple in video, 😅
    I found it in 30 mins because I wandered too far east while exploring

  18. 16:54
    Assuming the students were chosen by lottery at Blueberry Academy too, how in the world did not one, but TWO students who are from the town get pulled? And not only are they both from the town, they are SIBLINGS! What are the odds? I sense shenanigans.

  19. Wow with Sean Connery as “The Caretaker!”

  20. So when I first saw the nickname for the breloom, I thought It was a dragon ball reference

  21. 28:04 as a snake lover just wanted to share some knowledge. Snakes don’t actually detach their jaw to swallow prey, their bottom jaw isn’t fused so they can open their mouths really wide and swallow their prey rather than detaching it.

  22. I'm glad I'm not the only one who made a Thanos joke when that student said "I'm not feeling so good."

  23. 7:56 – I didn't even think of that when I played.33:10 – Oh, so that's where he is. I never found him.

  24. By heading to the Mossfull confluence in the map's lower right corner, you can evolve Dipplin. A shack selling syrup apples will appear and be tailored to Dipplin.

  25. 30:44

    I love how Miraidon/Koraidon’s whole lore has just become “Dude really, REALLY loves sandwiches.”

  26. I was walking through a group of them when I noticed something bright. I've never been to Kitakami before. Additionally, I later discovered a shiny Yanma. So far, I've been treated wonderfully here:D

  27. I got a female Turtwig with my egg! 🥰 One of my fave starters ever!! Her name is Clover and I love her!!

  28. Okay but can we talk about how frejya darn cute is that spinarak with the poison tera hat???

  29. Blueberry was in Unova… That I did not see coming. Wonder if Colress is one of teachers.

  30. Just realized their names are Ki-ride-on and Mi-ride-on
    Ki in Japanese (google translate) seems to mean Air, and Mi seems to mean food/fruit/piece of meat(?)

  31. Do you have to pay money to get the DLC The Teal Mask? Because I don’t have the DLC for Pokémon sword and shield because my friend said you have to pay money to get it.

  32. Is it a Johtonian Whooper if it is like that EVERYWEHRE except Paldea?

  33. Now Team Sky can finally have a flying Mightyena

  34. By heading to the Mossfull confluence in the map's lower right corner, you can evolve Dipplin. A shack selling syrup apples will appear and be tailored to Dipplin.

  35. The voice acting he does for the caretakers sounds like the eng dub of Viktor from Yuri on Ice😂

  36. I got piplup from my egg, jealous of chimchar as it's my fave sinnoh starter

  37. Omg the story is momotarou on the first sign board I think 😂

  38. Pokemon dialogue options be like:
    Other Character: "Would you like to [insert literally anything here]?
    Your options:
    – Yes
    – Yes
    Other Character: "Really? Great choice!"

  39. I realised that I change depending on what starter you choose at the beginning of the main game

  40. Welp when I get back from 5his holiday I’m 100% buying this and resetting until I get tortera for the egg

    I forgot how to spell

  41. the fact h at you walked right past the guy that updates your rotom phone apps

  42. Glad I wasn't the only one who got swept by Kieran's Yanma

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