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Pomni and Jax Are IN LOVE! What Happened to Ragatha? Digital Circus! 32 DIYs for LOL Dolls

LaLiLu Land
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Ragatha has a trick up her sleeve to stop Jax and Pomni’s wedding! The couple breaks up… Will they be able to reunite? Will the truth prevail? Let’s find out in the new episode of LaLiLu Land!

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Tools and Materials:
• Patterns
• Felt
• Velvet
• Threads
• Foam paper
• Hollowfiber
• Wire
• Chenille wire
• Fittings
• Wooden sticks
• Acrylic paint
• Polymer clay
• Light clay
• Cap
• Self-tapping screw
• Metal tube
• Roller tube
• Pink paper
• Silicone heart
• Pen
• Nail polish bottle
• Cork
• Label
• Clothespin
• Small hose
• Spring
• Cap from a LOL doll parts box
• Game field
• Small nails
• Parts
• Light clay
• Star-shaped sequins
• Toy garbage bin
• Paint cap
• Water bottle cap
• Lens
• Rhinestone
• Handle from a spinner
• Cap
• Bicycle mount
• Smiley face ball (pear-shaped)
• Lil Sis doll
• Red velvet envelope

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  1. Because ragatha stole pomni’s boyfriend jax

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