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Pop Bubble Fidget Spinner

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Pop Bubble Fidget Spinner

Pop & spin with the same fidget toy!

This fidget toy combines the thrill of spinning with 5 colorful poppable bubbles that kids can pop for endless fun! The poppers are made with decompression silicone. stimulating the sensation of bubble wraps. Whilst we optimize the spinning experience with a high-speed bearing. ensuring a smooth yet stable spinning. Let’s pop the colorful bubbles in and out or give the tie dye-patterned. colorful body a flash spin for lots of fidgety fun!

Pick this handy fidget toy. you’ll get 2 popular anti-anxiety tricks – Switch your finger games from popping to spinning and vice versa! Therapeutically relieves anxiety. stress. boredom. fatigue and more.

Keep your fingers busy while enjoying these relieving finger games!


Popper + Spinner
Practically combines the thrill of spinning with 5 colorful poppable bubbles that kids can pop for endless fun.

Colorful Design
This fidget toy is crafted with multi-colored pop bubbles. plus a tie dye-patterned. colorful body. Rainbow-styled design creates a vibrating visual effect especially when spinning. Ideal for drawing great attention from kids!
Daily Stress Reliever
Popping & spinning help keep you occupied. focused and satisfied. A fidget toy that delivers pleasant popping sound. amazing sensory interaction plus spinning. Therapeutically relieves stress. anxiety. boredom. tension and more! Perfect for kids. students. business people. and those with fidget problems. anxieties or ADHD.

Ultimate Spinning
Crafted with a high-speed bearing at the center. ensuring a smooth yet stable spinning.

Premium Material
Made of high-quality. decompression silicone with a smooth. hypoallergenic surface. Completely safe for kids and is lightweight to carry. ideal for your daily use.
Water-proof & Wear-resistant


Material: Silicone. BPA-free ABS
Size: 9 x 26cm
Color: Tie-dye rainbow. Tie-dye dark rainbow. White. Pink. Blue. Black
Suitable Ages: 3+


1 x Pop Bubble Spinner

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