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Pop It Bubble Fidget Spinner Push Silicone Toy Rainbow Square -Fidget Popper – Sensory Toy

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★About Our Product: Our Pop it is made of excellent grade BPA free silicone that ensures durability, longevity and safety. Our sensory kid’s toy has a beautiful popping color combination that catches your eye and soothes your soul as you pop the bubbles and play with this pop it.
★Multi-Functionality: This pop it is suitable to play with in many ways. It can also be used for several other purposes i.e. as a coaster or a Frisbee. It is easy to clean and washable so you can use it in any way you want without fearing that it’ll get dirty. It is malleable and flexible so it can fit anywhere therefore these pop it sets are suitable not only for children of all ages, but also for for adults pop its and can be used as baby toys.
★Educational: This bubble popping kids toy can serve a great purpose in educating and concentrating your child’s mind. It can teach your children how to focus, it can enhance their planning skills and can sharpen their strong mental arithmetic ability. These pop its set can be used as a brain stimulation device for your little ones as you use it to teach children basic math and exercise their logical thinking ability.
★Adhd fidget toys: These therapeutic push pop sensory toys are calming and soothing to play with. Our unique design and its peaceful and comforting choice of colors are relaxing to look at and can be used for anxiety relief and as a stress alleviator that will distract your child from activities such as biting nails or playing with or chewing hair.
★Our Promise: It is our promise to provide you the best fidget poppers as well as the best customer support. Trust us that you will get your money’s worth from our kids toys. If you are ever unhappy or unfortunately due to any human error if you receive a defective product, we will be there to promptly assist you and resolve your issue at the best of our ability.

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