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Popit Spinners Set Satisfying ASMR

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Fidget Popit Spinners Set Satisfying ASMR

Haibeot Pop Fidget Spinner Toys 5 Pack,Push Bubble Fidget Popper Spinners Set for ADHD, Anxiety Stress Relief Bulk Fidget Toys with Hand Spinner , Party Favor Sensory Toy for Kids

About the Push Bubble Fidget Popper Spinners Set
🌈【2 in 1 Fidget Spinner】You can play with popper spinner via “press” and “spin”.Press soft and colorful buttons with fingers, you will feel awesome as get good tactile stimulation.With High quality bearings, fidget spinner set can spin quickly for a long time after gently flicked, without any noise.
🌈【Pressure & Anxiety Relief for Adults】Multi and bright colors will make you feel happy, remind you of funny childhood time.The pleasure brought by tactile stimulation via play with popper fidget spinner can relieve stress, release anxiety, keep you away from boredom, and add fun to your daily life.
🌈【Sunshine & Partner for Childhood】Bright colors of dimple fidget spinner can quickly attract children’s attention and exercise their concentration. It is also a good partner of childhood, don’t feel lonely.
🌈【Safe & Premium Material】Made of high quality silicone , with a smooth rubber surface, soft rubber buttons, durable and reusable.Your kids can also have a wonderful time on colorful push fidget toys,without game and TV, without your worry.The pop fidget bubble spinner also suitable for those suffering from ADHD, autism, anxiety, etc.
🌈【Widely Used & Perfect Gift】Portable and mini-sized, you can take with pop fidget set anywhere you go.Multi and bright colors, a good choice to decorate a room.Most important,popper spinner toy is a perfect gift to make them fell happy whenever for Christmas, birthdays, Halloween, etc.

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