Proper Cold Start Dabbing Technique -

Proper Cold Start Dabbing Technique

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Fat cold start dabs! If you have any questions, please comment below or call me directly. 800-276-8105

This was meant to be much shorter, sorry!

Products used in this video:

CBD: Strawberry Blue Raspberry CBD Isolate

Q-tips: Thick Cleaning Cotton Swabs

Banger on Rig #1: Engraved 25mm Tall Flat Top Quartz Banger

Banger on Rig #2: 30mm Round Bottom Quartz Banger

Engraved Q-Tip Jar: Custom engraved q-tip jar.

Carb Caps: 25mm Crushed opal bubble caps from Strawberry Glass.

Rig #1: (hand rig) Hand in a bottle rig by Calightoscope Glass.

Rig #2: (red rig) RBR Bell Recycler, mini double diffused by Bear Mountain Studios.

Torch: Blazer GT8000 Torch

The full version will include more tips and information on how to take a cold start dab the proper way. Click the link below to watch the full version!
Full version link: Coming Soon!


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  1. Can I heat up my salt nic up like this I normally take hot hits from my rig

  2. 5:28 paranoia kicks in **sirens in the background** immediately imagines himself being hunted down by the fbi
    He’s like ; fuck 😳

  3. This is all well and good but you’re going to burn your fucking face off bro be careful with that torch

  4. Bro… how much water did you suck down? Gross.

  5. Omg… holding you breathe for more than 3 seconds does not cause oxygen deprivation. Smh.
    Stoner bro science facts.

  6. I got a cap with 5 air holes to help temp balls spin on a small lava rig. Good cap or look into a style you have? T.I.A.

  7. very informative and scientific , …now where is my chazzed banger

  8. The End.. lol.
    Cool af tho peeps can call you.. I’m sure you’ve taken some calls from the highest. 😅😉

  9. Nobody going to say anything about his reaction to the sound at 5:25 lmao

  10. That rig on the right is absolutely amazing! Wow

  11. Just grabbed vortex banger with pearls for 30 at my dispensary its a game changer. I remeber like 4 yrs ago in vermont my buddy from Boston showed us how to do cold dabs great method.

  12. Thanks to this video I just took the best tasting dab of my life. First Try. Awesome video my friend 👌 thanks for the knowledge.

  13. U know what the fuck yer doin bro, Hey From, SOUTHERN MARYLAND 👊🏼😎

  14. I just got a flat bottom banger and the lid has 5 little holes that are directional but to get them spinning I have to draw like crazy. Idk if the caps wrong

  15. Wow thanks this technique helped a lot. Works way better than how I was doing my cold starts before. Appreciate it buddy.

  16. Wow that rig with the hand holding the perc is cool. What’s it called/ artist name?

  17. Is that downstem a fucking hand??? Holy shit that’s dope

  18. Some okay content here. Man, you are one funny mofo exhaler. There's kind of a hesitation before your pie hole opens and you bellow the smoke out. Kind of reminds me ion when a goldfish comes up to the side of the bowl, looks at you and then takes a big gulp of air.

  19. My dude. don't aim torches at your face. Fuckin' stoner. 😂😂

  20. You don't address the basic question: Why do a cold-start dab over a hot?

  21. I’ve been dabbing for a moment and I didn’t even know all this

  22. Love how after each pull he carries on like his stoned AF🤣

  23. Yep u got those dab sweats after that first one😆

  24. By the end, I was high too… I hadn’t smoked yet 😳😂🤣😎

  25. Any tips for rosin? If I use solvent I can cold start fine. But with rosin it is either to low or burn

  26. Wow I'm so glad I found this video! I can't wait to try this! Also the ending was funny as hell with how sweaty and stoned he is that he can hardly say the phone number XD

  27. I'm genuinely curious, why would you ever WANT to cold start? Not being a smart ass, really want to know.

  28. The eyes man. THE EYES!!!! hahahhahah hell ya bro rip it! lol

  29. You're not even inhaling deep enough…. to me, that's just a waste, but if you have more than enough product, why not, eh? Lol. I hold at least 5-10 sec… fucks up my lungs for a day, but once you hit it like that, these superficial hits don't do the job..

  30. Wow 😳 that was some cringe 😬 smoking face. Worst sounds..couldn't pic what was funnier when I paused during inhale or exhale. Lol. You rock man. Nice glass and quartz. I'm def going to support your page and shop on the site thanks man. I never thought about mixing cbd iso in wit my thc. Good looks

  31. Yo bro where did you get the blazer accessories? They’re so cool!

  32. If i already charred my banger for like a year can i still do this? Mines smoky and everytime i try to cold start it leaves a residue that doesnt wipe off and i need to torch it. Might just have to get a new banger

  33. Roughly, did you happen to measure what temperature it was when you vaped?

    Last night I set my enail to 428F. I just dropped a huge dab to my nail. I had many many hits. Just none of them were huge like yours. Less densed.

  34. What’s happening if my first hit is the smallest, and I get proper-sized hits on the reheat?

  35. Just came across you video and great explanation!!! But damn dude 🤣 🤣 🤣 that first dab had you sweatin!!!

  36. 🤣 when you dab so hard you forget your phone number 🤘

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