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Real Life Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect
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Trick shots should be an everyday thing!
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We’re pumped it’s officially BBQ season! Try these trick shots while you’re hanging out & grilling this weekend. Thanks Kingsford!

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  1. Plot twist: Cody waited 2 hours for the hamper to close

  2. Bro i was playing switch and i had to put it away, i threw the joy cons bc i was lazy and it actually slipped onto the switch. I didnt even know that was physically possible

  3. Cart Narcs would be proud of that first one.

  4. When Ty was doing teaspoon trick shots, he didn’t have a C o a s t e r.

  5. ชัยชนะ บุญนูน says:


  6. plot twist : ty cant use the coaster cause garrett took it

  7. Wow I wonder if you trained for 10 – 20 years

  8. at the start you should of said "Done by professionals, don't try some of these at home"

  9. Oddly this was the first dude perfect video I ever watched

  10. Your video didn’t have bloopers, but on OT 8, it did.
    I want to see more bloopers!

  11. 2:15 in those bloopers, Ty was using the Dp mug and it WAS close but it fell and broke!

  12. My favorite one is the coaster that one is really funny

  13. It would be very cool if there was a trick shot video but the panda does them.

  14. Ññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññññpññññññññooññññ9lpmkiujnyhbtgvrfcedx2szqao

  15. The first trick shot where he pushed the cart in the thing my dad did perfectly surprising enough my dad is a fan of you

  16. Garret is hiding in the bushes in the first trickshot

  17. was that a bible panda used in the book throw

  18. Codey does all that clan up but can’t do the light 🤣

  19. I used to think the dude perfect simbol ment jr

  20. 0:47 Don’t try this trick shot, It can end badly if the lighter Burns grass.

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