RESTORED ASMR For Those in need -

RESTORED ASMR For Those in need

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today we do a little bit of soft speaking, whisper, fidget spinner (home made) and tingleastic sound creation for maximum relaxation, stress relief and sleep
This Video is to relieve stress, promote relaxation & sleep. If you enjoy my videos please Like & Subscribe and leave a comment as it greatly helps the channel. thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Highlight of the day is seeing Dr. T has uploaded a video. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for this prescription Doc, but I think I need a refill.

  3. would love to see you make your own Beyblade! dont know how you can make it for asmr.. but would be cool!

  4. I literally go through all of your videos and like them all. Never stop!!!!

  5. That looks like such a satisfying fidget spinner. I mean machinist's boredom tool. I want one but alas it's one of a kind!

  6. quite relaxing, and you're less of a dork and more of a devoted mechanist in my eyes

  7. Thank you for this Very Technical video 🙂

  8. Man its been one hell of a run. From the death of a lot of my family to finally being financially stable enough to fix my beat up truck, one of the few constants has been dr t helping me sleep. Thank ya for all the nights ive been able to sleep soundly and without anxiety.

  9. I would love a fidget spinner like the one you have there. That should be patented and sent out to the stores I would pick one up right a way.

  10. Im glad im not the only one who thinks smart watches were a wrong direction

  11. we love you doc ❤ all of your characters are creative and cool
    you're a real ASMR "Artist"

  12. Bruh Dr.T is good at this , he should be an asmrtist instead of

  13. It always takes me two to three times to watch a full video.. I keep falling asleep. I absolutely love listening to you describe mechanical thingamajigs beyond my understanding.

  14. The time it took to machine that, and balance it… yeah, that's way cooler than a dollar store spinner. And dadbods are in, so…..

  15. Your voice in this video is the most soothing thing ever. So deep and grumbly and wonderful. Thank you for the gifts of comfort that you bring to this community.

  16. I agree I would also like to see docs newest collection of cutlery

  17. I love when you talk about what you’re making, the science behind it and all that. Very interesting and also calming

  18. doc , could u use the green screen again sometimes ? it, to me , makes the video more immersive and could possibly increase engagement. cause i looove every video you make , but the same background and environment makes your more recent videos feel a little repetitive . love u doc, never stop what u do

  19. 6:46 the engineering word for what you are describing is called moment of inertia, it is the rotational equivalent of mass

  20. Hey Doc, I’m sorry your channel has been forsaken by the algorithm, but don’t ever think that it would be forsaken by your fans! You do great work and we love it!

  21. Awesome video doc. Great time just hanging out and getting some relaxing vibes.

  22. Just so you know, I clicked on your video a month ago "every asmrtist wants this machine" because the thumbnail interested me. I've been coming back since

  23. I like the image in my head that you're a vortigaunt.

  24. Love you, Doc!! It is fun hanging out and listening to you talk about things. Thanks for the amazing videos.

  25. Watching this with my afternoon tea ☕️🫖 thanks doc

  26. ngl can't believe he hasn't reached a mil already. been watching for years and he's amazing

  27. May the Algorithm be always in your favour 👊

  28. great video, also about the thumbnail randomization, youtube grabs three different parts of the video for thumbnails as default when you dont add a custom one

  29. I've been watching your videos for a long time,always good tingles thank you for the Asmr Doctor T 🙂

  30. Most of your high performing videos have your face in the thumb

  31. Anybody else notice he doesn’t say “technical” anymore? ☹️

  32. I am so happy that the ASMRist I found 7 or 8 years ago turned out to be the best in his field and I got to experience the whole trip. And the best part? It’s not over yet. Many thanks good Doctor

  33. you are worthy for much more subs, thank you all i can say.

  34. Can you make another joker asmr please 😭(iv been watching the same one for the longest time ever)

  35. i think i may speak for a few people here, but could we have more vinny?

  36. Thank you Doc!
    Been watching your videos for years
    Don’t ever feel pressured to do something you don’t want to do.
    Keep doing you xD

  37. Need a whole video of you tapping between two fingers like you do

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