RICH vs BROKE TOYS *Fidget Spinner ASMR- Anti Stress Toys YOU MUST HAVE* -

RICH vs BROKE TOYS *Fidget Spinner ASMR- Anti Stress Toys YOU MUST HAVE*

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You know, there are so many toys in the world, let’s see…
What do you think about the toys that make you the circle of attention! For example, balloons look just like bubbles that don’t break, slimes and so many glitters, and fidget spinners you’ve never seen!!! Check them out before they go viral and become the most popular kid in the classroom!
Don’t waste your time! Click the video and check out all of the toys!
0:18- The best way to each candy/ Flying squirrel cup
0:41- It’s a dream bubble/ Plastic balloons
1:20- Now we can throw balloons anywhere! Self-sealing water balloons
2:01- My new best friend!/ Squishy pug
2:33- Monster hide and seek!?/ Monsters Popsicle
3:26- Let us know when you find blue!/ Squeezing balls
4:14- The ultimate party game!/ Pieface game
4:58- New ways to deal with daily stress/ Fidget toys
5:39- Do we even have to explain this goodness? / Slime
6:44- I’m going to be an Archeologist!/ Dig kit
7:27- Big fluffy purple love/ Hatchimals mystery
8:13- This is the best thing you see today/ Dancing cat holder
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  1. How many colors of squeezing balls did you guess?😉

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  3. I love it very very very very very very very very very much 💖 💖💖

  4. 111😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

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