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Spinner… The Saddest Hero. My Hero Academia: Chapter 372 Reaction & Discussion

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Mutants in MHA have a hard life… and we finally hear from their perspective.

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  1. This chapter was awesome for continuing the Kurogiri/Shirakumo storyline, but whatever the outcome of this chapter I wouldn't be surprised. If this is the end for Spinner, I wouldn't be surprised if this was the end for Present Mic too. He is my favorite character but I really think they may be setting up Mic's death here so that Aizawa can get through to Shirakumo again. Morbid thought but if the last few chapters have told me anything, nobody is safe. Spinner vs Mic would be a cool fight to see, but i think that Spinner or even worse Kurogiri would be the one to kill Mic in order for both to escape.

  2. I feel like kurogiri is going to help the villains at first but all for one will slowly lose control of himand kurogiri and shirakumo will work together in a way because shirakumo is the type of guy to forgive anyoneand i wonder if kurogiri will kinda treat shirakumo like shigaraki idk that would be so cool.I think he'll choose the path of freedom which would be the liberation but then again he's probablywanted to be a hero all his life.{Thoughts?}↓

  3. 𝗦𝗘𝗫𝗖𝗛𝗔𝗧𝟲𝟵.𝗦𝗜𝗧𝗘 says:


  4. (Before watching your reaction) So… what do you take of Koda defending Shoji??

  5. Look at how many people are following him. He's a hero for the mutants…
    I imagien that all of this actually makes sense in Spinners lost mind, and it's so sad to see the diffrence from outside and inside of his head.

  6. This was a great chapter 😄 I enjoy watching your videos about the MHA manga. I also really like the callback to Koda’s mother. Last time we saw her was during the Final Exams arc in season 2. I’m glad Horikoshi is taking a break. Mangaka’s need their breaks and I’m looking forward to the next chapter 👍

  7. I like how both of the attack are references! Someone on twitter said the Hitchcock thing is a reference to something and im not sure what, but I know Octo Expansion has to be a reference to Splatoon 2's dlc the Octo Expansion and I love it lmao

  8. I'm legit still enjoying the Shoji, Spinner centric mini arc we're having. And I'm so glad There's still a lot who share my same thoughts

  9. Hitchcock directed the horror movie The Birds about a town attached by tens of thousands of birds that were attacking and killing people

  10. AFO is playing them for fools, and it will be too late when the villains realize their mistake.

  11. It would be hilarious as AFO is transported, the portal closes too early, and he is cut in half.

  12. I enjoy these mini arcs. But we need to switch back to some other fights that we haven't seen in months, Kirishima Mina and Uraraka Toga. Haven't seen them in months

  13. Spinner running forward to save Shigaraki is so sad. He wants to show his friend how much he's grown but there's little to show. The panel with young Spinner being carefree and running hurt. Anyone can be someone's hero. Personally, I think Kurogiri is going to listen to Spinner. Reason being, Horikoshi confirmed that Compress was going to return at some point in the future. And I can't see that happening without Kurogiri warping him onto the battlefield. I also feel like it would be very narratively fitting if both Kurogiri and Spinner helped save Tomura. Since they both were pretty close to him. And we never really got a conclusion to Tomura and Kurogiri's relationship, despite them essentially starting the series together. So I'd really like that.

  14. Shiroi kumo = white cloud
    Kuroi kiri = black mist

    Once you realize the naming conventions it seems like it was so obvious that kurogiri was shirakumo

  15. It seems that everyone in Class A is now getting some background and spotlight in part of a fight.
    So do you think we have already seen everything for Tokoyami/Jiro and Momo/Kaminari then?

  16. the more chapters the minor arcs have, the longer bnha will gonna end so i take this as an absolute win.

  17. The pistol is a 1911 model Colt 45, probably a WW II souvenir. Not something the present day Japanese police would use. There were two shots fired during the vacant lobby scene.
    I doubt any recording that Spinner might play would be louder than Mike. If Spinner crushes Mike, what would Kurogiri/Shirakumo do? Could he even recognize Spinner?

  18. After reading this chapter it made me wonder that maybe in the next chapters we'll see spinner parents and what they look like. I also have a theory on more of spinner backstory that maybe spinner parents were mutants or humans. If they were mutants they probably support spinner when he was hurt by society like them and it just wasn't enough to spinner. Then people had it with spinner parents because they think spinner parents don't belong in this world so they decided to go and kill them. This made spinner very sad and decided to become a villain to get revenge on society for what it did to his parents and to follow stain. If they were humans then and It think this will be fucked up if this happen but maybe they abandoned him when he was little when they found out that he was a mutant so they hated him and treated him worse than what any mutants was treated because they think that he was so gross and disgusting that they wish they shouldn't have never made him in the first place.

  19. Let’s get into this. Another great chapter, same rules apply, I’m avoiding political nuance so we can just enjoy MHA.

    I love that Shoji KNEW about the attack coming to central hospital and the giant fox lady SAW Shoji after comforting Deku and went to exchange some info. (I wish I knew her name because she’s been VERY important for a background character as of late.) And I love how Aizawa and All-Might are stunned by Shoji knowing. (Also looks like All-Might is wearing Deku’s backpack so he’s likely getting some stuff ready for Deku like a fantastic dad that he is.) And Koda IMMEDIATELY asking to be backup for this. I love how despite the literal battle of gods happening, this feels so personal to these characters it becomes just as big of a deal. MHA your true strength is showing once again. GOD I love this story.

    And just need to mention the fact Shoji went to Aizawa and All-Might tells me they were discussing PRIOR to that. And I gotta give more weight to ANY All-Might moment at this point because Prime AFO is back. So it’s only a matter of time before Prime All-Might is too. And it looks like Aizawa was setting up the bait for Aoyama to bring out AFO and his war so they could do the same.

    Present Mic has been admiring the kids growing stronger each generation ever since he was commentating Bakugo and Todoroki’s special course to get the provisional license. And seeing it go from wow, kids can make explosions as toddlers, to WATCHING SHOJI 1v1 SPINNER WITH 3 QUIRKS. That is such an amazing escalation.

    And we get confirmation I did indeed miss from last chapter. Koda can now use telepathy with animals. I LOVE how it evolved, but I do standby this being one of the hardest to apply quirks of all 41 1st year students of UA. (If not literally #41, which it is on my ranking) In the realm of people that can literally blow up cities, this quirk is pure support. But for civilians? Pretty solid. I love how his mom takes pride in her horns because her husband (who we can assume is probably dead from his wording) is the bully victim defender type. And as a former bully victim, there is VERY little kindness in this world more than them. It rivals the empath kindness for SURE. (Sadly can’t say I had any of those types around when I grew up, but luckily I’m an empath and got myself out.) I respect Koda SO much for this chapter and also a GREAT touch to see Koda’s quirk being more powerful connection that Present Mic’s. Who let’s not forget, fought Koda in Season 2 for final exams and Present Mic scared all the birds and critters away. So that’s a direct evolution that’s HUGE.

    But back to Shoji 1v1 Spinner, having him question what you’re protecting, bringing in his INSTANT forgiveness of Aoyama as he wants to protect EVERYONE still. Shoji forgives fast because he knows grudges are just not stable. He just wants to protect. And demands people introspect on what THEY want to protect. And you can DEFINITELY tell it’s getting across to a number in the crowd. And it’ll be even MORE sad if this turns to the civilians fighting each other. Those still lost, and those who heard him and listened. And we can also see this coming directly from Shoji telling Izuku to choose between saving Bakugo or saving Tokoyami and Izuku just WILL NOT CHOOSE. Those words are effecting Shoji so dearly and it makes this scene SO much more touching.

    Spinner on the other hand shows how lost he is in blindly following. Shown by how blind those scales HAVE to make him. He can’t really see himself. Much less recognize himself. He’s been so tucked away he’s hardly a factor. It’s ALL to see if Shigaraki will continue to accept him as the friend they had developed into being. Because Shigaraki HAS seen and recognized Spinner. And of course, AFO has not. He uses Spinner to get power from the mob. Not Spinner himself. To free Kurogiri. Who will end things. Not Spinner. Spinner is a follower because no one can see him. Just Shigaraki. And that does imply he might turn if he sees Shigaraki as he is now lost in AFS. And of course I imagine Stain will be the one to truly force the introspection. Stain was Spinner’s inspiration and he’s fallen SO far from that goal.

    I love the scene of the doctors. And we’ve seen ALL of them. The Mushroom Doctor treated Endeavor after the 1st war. The doctor who looks like Beaker was at this same hospital. The nurse saw Bakugo getting dragged away from Izuku’s room as he screamed about him failing OFA and being lazy. (Which is still one of Bakugo’s worst bullying moments heard or unheard by comatose Izuku.) Just standing firm. You do NOT attack Hospitals. That is a BIG no-no even in war. I hope the mob gets in there and sees the line and falters RIGHT there. As they should. If Spinner has no following, he becomes vulnerable again. And should be less blind.

    Course by that point Kurogiri will be free shaking up the war a bit. Will he fight? No I doubt it but he will be having another tense breakdown I imagine. Aizawa and Present Mic will ABSOLUTELY prioritize getting to Shirakumo. And that’s definitely their final battle. But I don’t see that happening until people reshuffling occurs. Kurogiri I imagine will be told to get Monoma away from the AFS battle. (And I’m still REALLY banking on him going to the Toga field and I’m REALLY hoping he fights his sister copy vs copy.) We know Mr. Compress is coming back, and that opens the gates for other villains. Namely Machia. And with the unknown Satellite plan Skeptic is using, Redestro may be freed too. And if Machia comes back, I think the hypest thing that can happen is for Prime All-Might to EASILY defeat Machia and face AFO. And for Stain to face Redestro with Iida. Because let’s be frank. Of the status quo breakers, Stain will NOT approve of Redestro’s liberation with how its strayed. And Iida BADLY needs to do something. I STILL have eyes on Nezu but I’ll put that idea on hold until he ACTUALLY IS SHOWN TO BE SOMEWHERE ON THIS BATTLEFIELD.

    Think that covers it. This stuff is going to get nuts.

  20. This was one of "those" chapters for me. One where Horokoshi leans heavily on the beating heart of the story he wants to tell in this series. A story with real heroes, complex villians, anti heroes, tough contemporary issues, and not shying away from letting us know there aren't any easy solutions to things like discrimination and racism. It's a constant struggle.

  21. I love how Spinner and Shoji are literally fighting over the position of most underrated character. Great chapter and great reaction.

  22. AFO is someone I have hated with every fiber of my being and what he did to Spinner makes my blood boil. But I guess that's what makes him a "good" villain if I can hate him as much as I do. Horikoshi is doing his job well in that department… IMO.

  23. To be honest spinner should know that all for one is using him and doesn’t care about him the thing here is.. he doesn’t care what happen to his people like he cares more for the power that all for one wants he just didn’t care about the other mutants he should have choose them over shigaraka because the mutants are far important because the abuse.

  24. I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter! And I’m thoroughly enjoying this mini arc with Soinner, Shouji, and Kouda! That panel of the doctors and nurses linked together to stop the mutants from getting to the patients was so powerful.

  25. I love your interpretation of Spinner's character arc and future. It makes a lot of sense to me. Which kinda sucks, cause I want a happy ending for him. But it's a beautiful and well written story nonetheless. I just hope some positive change comes out of his story. A legacy that benefits the next generation. As for Shirakumo/Kurogiri, I expect Shirakumo to have a couple moments of sentience so that Mic can get some closure and then fade away. Like you said, he'd be undead if he were brought back. That's a line I can't quite imagine Horikoshi crossing.
    Another great video, Mighty! Thanks for the watch!

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