The 7 Most Hated Commanders (And Their Decks) -

The 7 Most Hated Commanders (And Their Decks)

Nitpicking Nerds
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These commanders get a lot of hate, but what makes them tick? What do their decks do that people don’t enjoy?

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  1. Honest question. Other than the fact that it only targets yourself why is Narset so much more hated than Jeleva? Jeleva let's me win with your cards and mine…is it the color combo? The hexproof?

  2. Did I miss something here? Where is Joe Cherries

  3. I built Tergrid with about 20 group draw cards. Everyone likes drawing cards here right?

  4. The biggest problem with the hated commanders is not the cards but the players. It's one thing to play a truly spicy deck that declares yourself the archenemy and to revel in it, but I can't stand the people who play the most notorious commanders in the game for their full take-over-the-game potential, and then whine the whole time that they are being 'unfairly' targeted. A supervillain at the table makes for a good story whether you win or lose, but nobody has ever wanted to play against a whiny Lex Luthor.

  5. at first everyone looked at my Narset Auras deck like it was a balanced Narset. Like it was Narset but fun.
    Then I put Ethereal Armor, Eldrazi Conscription, All That Glitters and Arcane Flight on Narset off a lucky topdeck. Nobody thought Narset Auras was fun any more.

  6. I was once playing against tergrid, and I was mana screwed, then smokestack came into play… second time around and I was making a deal to be killed

  7. You have to add Braids, Cabal Minion to this list as an honorable mention. The only reason it isn't on this list is because it is so toxic that it is banned.

    Also, I find it amazing that Zozu or Hokari aren't on this list. Land destruction and Winter Orb on a stick are big red flags.

  8. If you think narset is bad wait until you play against a maxed out Magnus deck

  9. OMG
    i would LOVEEEE too see 4 of those decks FIGHT EACH OTHER !!!!
    and see who wins. haha.


  10. I find it funny that people are okay with me playing Nath, but not Tergrid.

  11. No Chulane? That card has caused me more headaches than any other card.

  12. I’ve seen 4/5 of these in a cEDH game at my local game store (all but Tergrid). And I agree, I hate those commanders. Coming in with my casual EDH deck people were building huge boards and winning by turn 2, while I just had 2 lands

  13. There's a trend that these most hated commanders take away agency from others: either they're stealing your things, taking up everyone's time with extra turns/combats, or just preventing you from playing. Gross.

  14. claws of gix and mirrodin besieged 😉

  15. You probably shouldn't tell people not to go outside, alot of these people need to touch grass anyways. 😂 Otherwise nice video on very hateable commanders

  16. Paradox Engine died for Urza’s sins.

  17. Sen Triplets was my first deck and still my favorite, coincidentally it has Grand Arbiter Augustin and a bunch of other stax pieces as well, since if my opponents can’t play their spells, I can steal their stuff easily.

  18. Orvar, Omnath(creation), Tergrid is bad but in my pod she's okay. Meren is painful two cards sporefrog, butcher of malakir. Ive heard Jodah is pretty awful too

  19. Krark Sakashima is a cEDH duo. Why is it mentioned here?

  20. Sen triplets was my first commander deck. Thanks to the professor thinking it was gonna be more political…it was awful to play against. This was when Iona shield of the emiria was still legal. Made the deck again years later brought it to an LGS and made 2 other players legit cry…I took a break but still keep the deck it’s my baby.

  21. I knew without a doubt, there would be Urza hate.
    I smile, for I have witnessed such power.
    I have wielded it.

  22. I'm surprised they didn't mention the pili-pala/grand architect infinite mana combo when talking about the Urza deck.

  23. I have a Tergrid deck that I only play against really spikey pods or if I'm feeling particularly salty. There are no expectations of winning since the deck draws so much hate. The whole point is to make everyone else play sub optimally just to deal with me, then I get to watch them slug it out with way less interaction in their hand/deck to deal with each other.

  24. i play narset chaos , everyone knows the rules . leave me alone and chaos ( fun ) will happen and if you want it to end, kill me ( not that simple )

  25. I don't think Sen Triplets is a kill-on-sight commander, at least from my experience. Sen Triplets is a kill-its-owner-on-sight commander. The one time I borrowed a Sen Triplets deck just to try it out, I was archenemy from turn ONE! Never played with or against it ever again.

  26. Sen triplets is banned in my house. I’m not going to not play when I’m playing

  27. Really suprised neither of the atraxa were on here lmao

  28. I'm doing my best to make Merieke get to this list.

  29. Personally i do despise all these commanders for various reasons and find they either suck the fun out of the game, make the game painful or have just busted ability.

  30. The nastiest thing i've done with Tergrid doesn't involve her as a commander, but in the maindeck of a Jund Discard deck. Tergrid on the field with a Robber Fly, equipped with a Blade of the Oni and Blade of Selves. Thrantis was the Commander, so everything had to attack every turn, and it was a goad deck, so those attacks were never coming my way. Like every deck i love, It's stupid, it's unreliable, but it's funny as hell when it goes off.

  31. It’s painful hearing this guy talk about Magic, especially cEDH commanders and cards. If you’re playing Krarkashima and your game plan is to “cast Krark turn 2, cast Sakashima turn 4…” you’ve already lost in cEDH, nobody is building Krarkashima EDH

  32. I have a tergrid deck and a friend randomly picked cards from my deck to be in my hand… tergird was out by turn 2 and dark deal on 3 everyone called it after that lol

  33. Narset is top of my list, that hexproof just puts her in a category all by herself. Anything else i can just hold removal for.

  34. Bring your absolute best against me. I love it.

  35. I think that even Kinnan can be included in the list. It’s cost of mana is almost zero and it can create a dangerous board state In few turns, if it doesn’t combo before of course

  36. the phrase "sinergy with winter orb" disturbs me so deeply

  37. I play Ngathrod and Niv Mizzet and i feel like they are equally if not more hated than a few of these but most of the list yall had was really gross

  38. My first MH2 collector booster had a retro frame foil Prismatic Vista, a retro frame foil Scalding Tarn, and a retro frame foil etched Urza… crazy pack. I then drew him 2 more times. I had to build him, they made me a villain lol

  39. I plan to make GAAIV and a Narset but in a completely different fashion than their villianous counterparts.

  40. Eh the only one on this list that consistently annoys me is krark sakashima

  41. if it takes you 6 turns to get narset out, you built it wrong

  42. Have a friend in my playgroup who had a tergrid deck but turned it into a tinybones deck. I believe she is still in the 99 though

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