The AI Uprising Is TERRIFYING! - GTA Doomsday Heist Part 5 [Act 3 Setups] (Full Playthrough) -

The AI Uprising Is TERRIFYING! – GTA Doomsday Heist Part 5 [Act 3 Setups] (Full Playthrough)

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The Doomsday Heist DLC, Released In December 2017, Introducing An Expansive And High-Stakes Narrative Where Players Collaborate To Avert A Global Catastrophe. This Update Is Structured Into Three Distinct Acts, Each Comprising Unique Setups, Tasks, And Missions That Culminate In A Dramatic Finale To Save The World!

Streamed: July 24th, 2021

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Made in collaboration with Crowolf
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  1. Hey Matt would you consider posting the old pacifist vods on this channel I would love to see them.

  2. For you people with short attention spans here
    Start: 0:00
    End: 2:06:14
    Edit: if this isn’t helpful watch Subway Surfers gameplay on the side

  3. Has Matto played Detroit Become human yet ?

  4. These editors need to stop touching themselves while editing so we can get these videos same week where can I sign up so I can also touch myself to matto

  5. Actually ULP mission you can complete without fireing a single missile… that great is that mission

  6. why is this being uploaded today? didnt matt do this 2 years ago on his main channel

  7. 1:05:32 some guy saying Rockstar isn't an American company is just flat out wrong.

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