The Game Awards 2022 Reaction -

The Game Awards 2022 Reaction

Woolie VS The Algorithm
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Edited by Solidus113

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0:00 Pre-Show
2:10 Hellboy
4:20 Horizon VR
4:53 Post Trauma
5:57 Viewfinder
7:15 Atomic Heart
8:15 Scars Above
9:15 Relic Hunters
10:50 Amogus
12:25 After Us
14:23 Replaced
17:45 TGA Start
19:03 Best Performance
27:47 Hades 2
30:40 Judas
32:55 Bayo Origins
35:48 Reggie Riffs
38:00 Best Debut Indie
39:30 Destiny 2
40:43 Suicide Squad
43:18 Party Animals
45:12 Best Adaptation
47:30 Star Wars Jedi Survivor
50:45 Earthblade
52:41 Dune Awakening
54:00 Forspoken
55:11 Genshin
57:00 Immortals of Aveum
58:43 Best Narrative
1:00:38 Tekken 8
1:02:00 Awards and 3D
1:06:40 Games For Impact
1:09:20 Baldur’s Gate 3
1:12:10 Wayfinder
1:13:47 Fire Emblem DLC
1:17:23 It’s Not Cable TV + Diablo 4
1:22:30 Horizon DLC
1:24:20 Best Action Game
1:26:40 Blue Protocol
1:29:12 Trailer Music Genre
1:31:31 Galaxy Of Tanks
1:32:08 Behemoth
1:37:50 Best Music
1:39:55 Banishers (Zero Gameplay)
1:41:15 Space Marine 2
1:42:12 Meet Your Maker
1:44:50 Bloodbowl 3 + Witcher
1:47:04 Crash Bandicoot
1:49:33 Innovation In Accessibility
1:50:45 Lords Of The Fallen
1:54:30 Player’s Voice
1:55:48 CoD
1:59:18 Best Game Direction
2:01:10 Cyberpunk Feat. Idris Elba
2:03:00 LoFi Rocket League
2:03:50 Wild Hearts
2:05:20 Final Fantasy 16
2:09:12 GOTY Orchestra
2:14:44 [Bloody Finger Has Invaded]
2:19:50 Closing Commentary

This is Woolie VS The Algorithm, a new YouTube Channel where you’ll find all of the best and funniest moments from WoolieVersus. The highlight videos released here will have tight editing and enhancements of the hypest moments to create an even more fun experience, as well as gateway into checking out the full length WoolieVersus content.

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  1. Legend has it that Christopher Judge's acceptance speech is still going to this very day.

  2. Solidus there's a huge huge audio delay like 75 percent into the video

  3. 1:36:00 as soon as animal comes on stage the audio desyncs by a full minute for me on pc, but if i watch on mobile the audio is fine. Was there a copyright dmca claim or something that fucked with the audio?

  4. 1:11:59 Cannon Busters? No. Joe Mad did Battle Chasers, not Cannon Busters.
    Cannon Busters was LeSean Thomas failing miserably to try to recreate Cowboy Bebop.

  5. You can believe that as soon as I saw this video I jumped straight to the InfoWars kid

  6. We need more people like Reggie in this cold cynical world.

  7. Reggie's joy is both nauseating and cheerful lol

  8. Man I love seeing Reggie reacting our boy Flute guy, but I did get triggered a little when Minh said it was Genshin Impact, thankfully Reggie said it was Xenoblade lol.

  9. Relic Hunters is the most cringe shit i've ever seen.

  10. I asked for more storybook Bayonetta, it was me. Sorry guys.

  11. what's the point of a 2 hour 20 minute video and you cut stuff from it? Could just everything in it.

  12. I like how Reggie stays true to himself. Please don’t end up a sourpuss like Woolie.

  13. I was disappointed Sifu didn't win best fighting game, I wanted to see the damage numbers appear over Woolie's head.

  14. Maybe I’m missing it but is Armored Core not in here?

  15. woolie seriously looks like he could not give a single fuck lol

  16. You cut out the Armoured Core trailer, instant dislike 👎

  17. Is this supposed to be on this channel? I thought we were leaning into the algorithm not killing it.

  18. Woolie thinks Judge was talking in favor of trickle down economics, while he was in fact making fun of them by saying "for the first time ever it worked"

  19. Oh neat, I was hoping you guys would react to this. Probably the best show since 2017 IMO (relatively speaking).

  20. A Large amount of people were fuckin angry that they had to be with keanu fucking reeve's the entire game because it broke the immersion and world building the game sets up every dam time he appears.

    So what did the tone def assholes do.
    At least you dont know lately.
    Oh yeh and of course reeves is there too.

  21. Lol the chapter title "bloody finger has invaded"

  22. Chris judge heard Valve was giving away Steam Decks for every minute and was like "All right, I'll stall, let's go."

  23. What's up with the delay towards the end of the video?

  24. I would like to nominate this reaction video to my reformed Orthodox Rabbi

  25. Litteraly told my buddy about Lofi before the awards waiting for friends and he lost his shit on the rocket league collab reveal
    Just in time to appreciate the hype

  26. Man, Woolie can REALLY ruin a good time when he wants to. Sean Penn would tell the guy to lighten up.

  27. the wildest ending to probably the most honest game awards in a while

  28. Is no one going to talk about Doug Bowser implying Kirby had to blow someone in order to win an award?

  29. I want to watch Reggie's innocence shrivel and die.

  30. While Cyberpunk is still shit, it did win some Game of the Year awards from various publications, it just didn't win anything at TGA. TGA is not the only thing that gives out awards. So unfortunately it kinda can put out a game of the year edition.

  31. 1:00:55 "Who cares about me" I know you probably didn't mean it like that, but we do Minh. You're a valued member of the channel(s), a prolific editor, and your occasional appearances in videos are always nice (never feel pressured to be in them though) <3

  32. 1:01:06 no woolie jin was never an evil piece of shit. Now i know you didn't play tekken 6 at all

  33. I admittedly haven't seen much of woolies content in recent years but is he usually this grumpy? Or was this because of the technical problems he was dealing with.

  34. Shoutout to Christopher Judge, forcing Valve to give away an extra 20 steam decks.

  35. Did they skip the dead cells trailer?

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