THE LAST ONE of 2022 -

THE LAST ONE of 2022

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It’s the last Fan Mail Friday of 2022, SO LET’S STREAM IT

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  1. This was sweet. Joel you are a cool dude.

  2. Bit late to the party🤦You're a top dad, mate!! I know as dads, we do what we gota do but can see you're doing it pretty much subconsciously, a true sign of your love and care for Syd. Great stream with awesome chemistry between you two. Merry Christmas and have an amazing new year 🍻

  3. It was awesome how excited Syd was over the Tardis hoodie. Any chance the (rumored) Celestial Toy Maker will bring her something to play with?

  4. How's your CUBE 3 printer doing? ha

  5. I really want to see that baby belt printing. Is it available as a kit so I can make one?

  6. Hey, here's an idea. A close-up cam for those tiny things appearing? An idea for Christmas gift 🎁 for you.

  7. 1:45:35 Sorry to ask but what did Sanjay die from? There has been a huge amount of silence and a little speculation in the time since, which is unusual.

    When there’s silence often it’s due to embarrassment on the families part or some religious taboo prohibiting discussion.

    If it was suicide, it is a subject worth discussing more openly – as it may help others. We’ve come a long way since 20yrs ago but more can be done. Talking can help greatly. A hug even more… I know…

    If it was illness perhaps discussing it may also help raise awareness or provide a method of fund raising for the disease.

    Anyway just thoughts…

    Rip Sanjay.

  8. oh shit i didnt know Syd had FND, my younger brother has it and he's undergoing extensive PT and OT to help him learn to walk again, in less than a year he's gone from being unable to use his legs to now walking with a single walking stick. He doesn't really have a memory of before the pandemic and he frequently has aphasia (forgetting how to speak) Hopefully Syd is getting the help she needs

  9. Love this "livestream" Fan Mail Friday (which I don't usually bother watching- sorry). Brave and kind. Couldn't stop smiling. Thanks for sharing Joel

  10. Joel, greetings from the UK sir. Just to say thank u l, your an inspiration sir, and thanks for putting this video out, it's made sanding my prints less tedious

  11. I always enjoy watching the Fan Mail Friday vids but next year you should aim to keep on top of it. Opening things people have sent in a year or more ago is shocking and quite disrespectful to your fans. Set aside a few hours to get caught up with the backlog to make x number of episodes and schedule them in so you don't have to think about it then set aside 1 hour a month if you have anything new to open. Cut the video into 2/3 or 4 parts and add a few sound effects for the money in the box job done. If you are too busy for a month or so you already have plenty done and ready to go to keep to a more reliable schedule

  12. Yikes,..Sydney (Sidney?) has really grown up. Best wishes to you and your family for the Christmas season.

  13. I love all your content! This livestream was great to watch and you are amazing an dad that you make her condition not be a stressful thing. I have narcolepsy and due to the stigma I try not to tell anyone because I am treated differently. The fact that you don't make a thing about her condition but support and ensure her safety is awesome and the mark of an excellent person and parent. Hope the condition can be managed well and life stays awesome! Hope you have an amazing Christmas and new year!!

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