The One and Only WD40 Trick Everyone Should Know and 25 Other Uses -

The One and Only WD40 Trick Everyone Should Know and 25 Other Uses

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In this video, we will talk about 10 awesome WD40 life hacks, WD40 tips, and WD40 tricks. WD40 can be used for a plethora of things! To being a toilet bowl cleaner to helping with your car, WD40 will help you succeed!

This video has 25 uses of WD40 including how to clean toilet stains with WD40.

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  1. Where's the toilet trick shown in the video heading?

  2. …Video produced by the makers of…. WD 40 ! … Dah ! 🙂

  3. I'm gonna re comment here because I don't see my last comment to be very clear wd 40 is great but it's msds sheet clearly states it's a hazardous product and to recommend the use of this product against its label is a felony. I hope anyone that didn't no any better didn't spray this on a product you were going to eat or drink with or put on your skin. This is a hazardous chemical read the msds it's fact please help me spread the message

  4. Won’t the wd40 leave clothes with oil in them , the oil will transfer to other clothing in the wash…

  5. i like how this video talks about all the great ideas for wd-40 but doesn't actually show them working… i believe every house should have a couple cans around. it does have 101 uses but i would not use these to clean silver that i'm going to eat from or get glasses unstuck or as one picture implies to use it as bug spray???

  6. You mentioned something about a toilet and nothing int he video had a toilet in it .POO on you

  7. Looks every thing said here is hypothetical 🙄 except the rusty thing part… Bcoz all through the video there is no real demonstration of it's actual claimed utility… 😏

  8. Actually some of these looks more dangerous applications… Eg using it on cups meant for guests 😱… If you plan to kill them 😲that's fine 😂

  9. Don't believe everything in this video. Using WD 400 on anything that comes in contact with food or drink is a very bad idea. Video is full of BS.

  10. Not sure if you're aware of this but WD-40 probably isn't the safest thing to ingest. So even though you could clean certain things after I wouldn't do a spraying that stuff on anything you're going to use to eat or drink and that enclosed the birds

  11. But don’t show FRYING PANS as “silvers” cause the wd40 cover on them will be FLAMABLE!

  12. Olive Oil is Great for zippers, helps shower curtains glide on rods, removes sticky gunk etc. , fun to experiment to see what it can do – & smells better too!

  13. Or better yet, use some water to defrost your window that way you don't get wd40 all over your windows….!

  14. ……sooooo what does it do for the toilet?

  15. There are other safer things to use for every one of these ideas. I will not be using any of these dumb ideas.

  16. Never spray WD 40 into a lock ! Always use graphite ! Petroleum products attract dirt and will gum up the mechanism in time leaving lastimg damage

  17. wtf dont listen to this advice! Talk about stupid. Whoever came up with this list is an idiot.

  18. Health hazard, you need to takedown this video.

  19. I wish I'd have seen this before I destroyed lots of items!

  20. WD-40 only works good to remove rust I would not spray it on my cups just saying. Or any of the other stuff listed.

  21. I flooded my whole house and garage with WD-40. Everything is working better than ever. Thanks

  22. Woodglut has a lot of designs to choose from.

  23. It’s great at the top of the basement stairs too!

  24. So what's with the thumbnail showing wd40 and the toilet?

  25. I'm really glad to see that most of the people who have watched this video about other uses for wd40 and spraying it to defrost the ice on your car window screen is the stupidist thing I've ever heard, and spraying it on your child's lego to get them apart is absolutely ridiculous as they did not say you must wash it straight off before your child plays with it and puts it in their mouth because not everyone who watches these videos have the same common sense and when their child ends up in hospital with poisoning remember that this video they watched said it was a brilliant idea or when it starts raining and they crash their car because they could not see a thing cuz of the oil you said to spray on the window yeah brilliant use of wd40 mate.

  26. So unsafe. I wonder if you can sue a YouTube channel if you do this and get sick,,,, you should. Son kid who doesn't know any better will try this garbage.

  27. the Stains on my wood table did NOT disappear!

  28. There's a reason that over 8k people disliked this ridiculous video. They must be Democrats because it's obvious that FACTS DON'T MATTER to them. Like the FACT that they never mention the smell and petroleum that you would be spraying on your clothes, dishes, and other interior and personal items. All they want and care about are clicks and comments like this. I'll never be back to this joke of a channel.

  29. Brilliant advice put it on food utensils.NOT Toxox risk. The author failed to mention that it leaves an oily stinky coating on everything.

  30. Just found your channel by happy accident and immediately subscribed. Your hacks and helpful hints are great! Thanks so much.😇

  31. Why do these hacks always suck you in with a tip that's not even in the video. They want you to think there's a hack for cleaning a camode. It's not even in the video. 👎👎👎👎👎 Won't be watching anymore Facts Verse videos.

  32. I was trying to find this spray thanks a million ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  33. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  34. Don't put in camera parts shutters. or lenses you have to remember is not a lubricant.. only a solvent….


  36. This has to be a joke, or do they really think ppl are just stupid? I’m hoping ppl have the common sense where this product can be used. It permanently damages porous surfaces, it’s oily, it’s toxic, and it smells. Keep this product for its original intended purpose and outside.

  37. WD40 is not the wonder product that they would like to have you believe. Often a better and more appropriate method or product can be used in these examples. Using WD40 can often create more problems than it solves because it isn't a lubricant, it leaves a residue, and repeated application to many materials will degrade them.

  38. I use it to lube my bung hole before inserting vegetables

  39. Why did they show in the beginning, spraying WD-40 in your toilet. It wasn't in the video. It's just a prank to get you to watch the video. 😅
    I would not use WD-40 on any of my dishes or drinking glasses. If I knew these people I would not go to their house for dinner. 😝

  40. i used it to remove brown/purplish oxidation on rolex gold/steel watch bracelet of my sister's 26mm authentic rolex datejust. really works !

  41. These are probably the worst ideals for WD-40.

  42. Siri Cross of stuff do not use on a motorcycle chain

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