The Wild,Wild World of Jayne Mansfield -

The Wild,Wild World of Jayne Mansfield

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Jayne takes us on a review of her last world tour visiting Paris and Rome..


  1. oroen the reason french invented scent was to ward off their smell !! You ought to walk round supermarkets here the smell will kill ya !!

  2. Back in the day when big tits were not store bought.

  3. Jayne is wearing the dingiest wig in the beginning. Sweetheart of a gal. She seems to have some Spanish qualities…

  4. in all humility, apart from the movie I appreciate her eloquence. No body knows when the inevitable and inexorable time is going to write epitaph on whom. Feeling sad and sorry for Jayne Mansfield….

  5. Forget Lugosi`s double in PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, this entire movie was made after Jayne`s death using footage from SPREE, PRIMITIVE LOVE, THE LOVES OF HERCULES and PROMISES! PROMISES! with some new footage of Jayne body doubled and her voice imitated by Carolyn De Fonseca. Like some of the fake Bruce Lee stuff. The movie experience used to be a lot funkier. At least when we were ripped-off and duped in those days by no-budget exploiters and horror movies at the drive-in (as we endlessly were), it was more fun! To a great extent the audience and the filmmakers were in on it together and, as soon as we got through grousing about the movies we just paid to see that, of course, couldn`t live up to their hype, we went right back again for more.

  6. Today she wouldn't get a second glance, unless she wore that ugly hairdo

  7. Her death is so sad. She was very beautiful.

  8. @22minutes🎷🎶….them guys are so black I can't even see them in the daylight.♠♠♠♠

  9. I had a MAJOR crush on her as a teen. I even wrote to her and she sent an autographed picture back. I still have it too.

  10. The "Tour" footage had actually been shot in 1964.

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  12. If you want to hide your money in an hotel in France put it under the soap!!

  13. According to The Official Razzie Movie Guide, that isn't even her voice. It's a "soundalike".

  14. Trying to nail the title & artist of the "twist" tune used halfway into the movie.

  15. 'The typical girl at Cannes is able to make a bikini out of a midget's hankerchief'…HAHAHAHAHAHA

  16. Supposedly this was edited together after her death and its not Jayne narrating, but an imitator.

  17. Beautiful and a very smart lady. Is just a way in Hollywood for women to make somebody.

  18. Jayne ahead of her times with the white blond hair and sex appeal.

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  20. We love you, beautiful Jayne!!! So carefree, sensual, fun, talented and very smart woman.

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