This Was AMAZING! | HOT STICKY & DANGEROUS | Camper Life | Land Clearing | Barndo Build -

This Was AMAZING! | HOT STICKY & DANGEROUS | Camper Life | Land Clearing | Barndo Build

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Welcome to RidgeLife. In this video, we extract the best spring honey ever on The Ridge as well as get a hot new toy to relax with!

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  1. Try hand cream. It is very popular and good for your skin

  2. ? Do you used a power washer to clean up the equipment

  3. That was fun!… That's cool how the bee's will clean it up for you 👍

  4. My question Tim is why do you scream like a girl???

  5. Beautiful honey. Would love to buy some of you where closer. Lily ones that got some in the give away. Great video though.

  6. Brave girl working on the honey outside, Have fun in the hot tub.

  7. I love honey 🍯 in my coffee ☕️ and on my Waffles 🧇 with Butter 🧈 Yum 😋 Yum 😋 ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  8. That's liquid gold right there! Go RidgeLife ✌️ Yeah Timifer honey! ❤ That hot tub would be divine right about now! I ain't got me one of those! 🤣💦

  9. I think Jen knows what she is doing. Good job Jen. Have fun in the hot tub. Relax✌️❤️❤️🇺🇸

  10. Yummy honey Jen an Tim I'm lefty I never notice you were , I usually look for that😉 I like that hot tub ,wow nice❤❤👍✌😎

  11. Spring clover honey is always the best flavored honey. I was given some fall honey from a friend, I couldn't stomach the flavor, but it did make for some delicious mead. I make mine smooth and leave out the finishing yeast. I'm not a bubbly kind of guy when it comes to my drinks….lol

  12. 1:08 I need that rubber ducky for my jeep, I’ve never got “ducked” yet 😢

  13. Tim, maybe an idea for another video…what started your interest in bees & honey and how did you get started? What were some struggles you encountered along the way?

  14. 17:49 calm down Tim 😂 that is some nice honey. Next time I come to Tennessee can I buy some stock?

  15. 19:42 and I thought telling you to calm down the first time would be the only time lmao; calm down again love birds

  16. Like the hot tub guys , that honey looks so good .😀💕

  17. Enjoyed Watching Jenn’s a Natural at The Honey extracting Love Watching Y’all together Have a Blessed Week Y’all

  18. Tim you need to build a honey house for doing honey…I love watching you and Jen with the bees. The honey house idea came from watch mr.ed the bee man.

  19. Nice hot tub and great job on the honey. Love ya both. Karen ❤

  20. Jenn great job with the 🐝 honey , love the hot tub ,

  21. That honey surely looks great. Brings back some hard work memories. We used a 55 gallon food grade barrel but our honey cones were bigger than yours.
    ALWAYS had to do it inside of my old 1944 house that I had lived in with my wife and 2 kids but we bought a big double wide house, moved the old house about 250 yards away, put the new house where the old house was because of the location and the great shade trees.
    The old house was used for our honey extraction.
    If we did 4 hives a day we would be so tired. Had to use window fans but leave screen over the windows and the bees would always find a way in within the first 3 hours.
    Had 26 hives at that time.

    I made a hive box using plexiglass with just 2 cones and put it in my extra work room (1 of the bedrooms in the new house) keeping it covered with a thick blanket so light couldn't get in when I was working in the room. Only uncover it in the dark and use a black light when you watch them work.
    I used to 1 1/2 clear hose to fix it where the bees could go in and out to get pollen and nectar.
    Had a deer scull that we found out in the woods and mounted it outside with the clear hose just inside of the nose area of the scull so the bees could find it easily.
    Work perfectly until one day we came home from work and the house had hundreds of bees inside everywhere so my wife found out that the clear tube was clogged with bees. She had to vaccum the bees out of tube while I sealed up the hole the bees were getting into the house (recaulking) around the tube.
    Took us until dark to catch all of the bees in the house and put the outside.
    We only lost just a few that we in the vacuum. When she opened the vacuum about 30 had died. About 50 in the house died.
    It was a fun process to show people what bees do in a hive.

  22. Hi Tim and Jen love the hot tub that is really nice. I know you both will enjoy it. That's awesome how you get the honey. It looks so good. You both make a great team. Enjoying all your videos. I'm a south paw too. That's a lot of honey. Have a great day and God Bless Go RidgeLife ❤

  23. Good morning Tim & Jen 💖 The hot tub will be so nice on your muscles & joints 😉 awesome job on processing the honey 🍯 looks yummy 😋 Take care 🙏🇺🇲💞

  24. Honey looks so good! I bet it taste wonderful. Love clover honey. That Hot Tub looks wonderful too!

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