Throwing a New Idea – Bowls with Indented Rims -

Throwing a New Idea – Bowls with Indented Rims

Florian Gadsby
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This week’s film shows the creation of a new bowl shape. It’s a test really, an indented rim on a bowl and this video shows how they were made from beginning to end. From a lump of clay being thrown on my pottery wheel, to the finished, gas fired objects in my kiln.

ANGULAR bowl video:

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0:12 – Introduction and throwing bowl
2:35 – Indented the rim
4:10 – Trimming the bowl
8:41 – Turning the rim
9:27 – Bisque firing the kiln to 1000ºc
10:05 – Waxing the bowls feet
11:00 – Glazing the bowls
12:30 – Cleaning up the glazed surface
14:34 – Packing the gas kiln
15:20 – Firing the gas kiln in reduction to 1290ºc
17:00 – Unpacking the kiln
17:39 – The finished bowl!!
18:21 – Sanding the pots base
18:42 – A couple of photographs of the finished pieces
19:17 – Clean up

I throw using a Rohde HMT 500 or 600, and fire using a Rohde TE-200 electric kiln and KG-340 gas kiln.


  1. Hi! I love your videos so much. What is the clay spinner/holder tool you use when trimming? I’d love to purchase one myself. Thanks!!

  2. Hi Florian! Where can I find the tool you use on the top of the bowl to hold the pot while trimming? Thanks for the videos! Im working right now on my potters mark following your video @aleclaylab.

  3. I absolutely love watching your work, everything is so smooth and easy

  4. Hello! I appreciate all your informative videos. They have really helped me quickly improve my pottery skills, and they have taught me so much about the process of preparing clay and making sure that my hobby produces as little waste as possible. May you have a successful shop update today! I will be watching the website hoping to purchase something 🙂

  5. can’t wait for the shop to open today!!! i’m so exited

  6. Perhaps you could try to make a few lidded tureens in the next production cycle? I think this shape could work well for that.

  7. This one is lovely. Best of good fortune in a couple hours!

  8. Your videos makes me miss pottery so much. The cinematography is beautiful and I love the finished look here 🙂

  9. the stepped rim looks stunning. I have mixed associations with the colours though. Part of me feels like this is some old stuff I could find the basement of my parents, while another part tells me these are reminiscent of some ancient yet timeless pottery.

  10. That last bowl from the higher shelf is superb. The glaze beak and pooling is divine.

  11. Love your videos! Always learn so much from them. I know this has been asked but where do you buy that spinner tool? thank you!

  12. Very cool bowl. Nice and interrsting. But… It really reminds me a pot lid. You could pre-drill a centered hole and add a handle. I suggest you use stainless screws and washers to secure the lid with red high temperature stable silicone between the clay and metal. Alternatively a clay handle would be better. Then, simply, you need to make the pots… 😉
    Seriously, a pot and lid collection would be great!

  13. I really like the new rim style! I thought too that it might look like it was meant to have a lid but I am not getting that sense looking at the finished bowl. I love the way the glaze breaks on the two edges. I especially love the gray-green with the golden brown. Very successful, I think!

  14. Ek bat ye bhi he harshal ki tum Alisha ko chod nahi sakte…to phir muzpe kala jadu karo hi mat…muze bhi kisi se shadi karne do…tum is vajah se meri q lena dena na hone ke bavjud jindagi barbad karne pe tule huye ho

  15. Hi florian! What is the turning tool you use to trim the foot of your bowls? I love how sharp and precise it is.

  16. Would there be concerns of chipping with that rim?

  17. Seu trabalho é mesmo primoroso.Tem capricho e perfeição.Não canso de admirar.Lindo.

  18. Can you do a video where you fire a piece in the Electric Kiln? Curious to see how different they would look.

  19. Such a simple element to make something look so aesthetically pleaseing and different from “normal” bowls. The one fired on a higher kiln shelf looks nice due to the speckles ❤

  20. Our local kindergarten ordered a bunch of bowls with inward facing rims from me last summer because when the kids spoon out their food, the rim pushes the food on the spoon and it doesn't fall out of the bowl. I'm quite sure kids aren't exactly your target group but if you have some frieds who are parents, they would surely appreciate a gift like that 😉

  21. Hello Florian. Good content again. Thanks mate.

  22. instently appliable. Thank you truly marvelous both as theraputic entertainment and art.

  23. Missed the ability to purchase for the third time now… had items in my basket but sold out from under me during checkout 😩

  24. The foot trimming looked noticeably different to normal cause it was a bit over dry.

  25. For you, that tend to play with sharp and straight angles a bowl must be a bit of headache. 😅

  26. I'll be honest the double rim didn't do it for me. I think it was because it had an unfinished feel or like you said like it was missing a lid.

  27. However, do you find more breakages happening with this thin rim?

  28. It looks like the pooling on the rim makes a smooth curve of color. Very pretty. Reminds me of Korean ttukbaegi soup bowls.

  29. This is kind of a scam because you are carving more then turning.

  30. I always enjoy watching you work and hearing you describe your process. Candidly I’m not crazy about the indented rims. The glaze effect is very pleasing but it feels like a gallery in search of a lid, and doesn’t look like it would be as pleasing to the touch as most of your work. I like to imagine sipping from a bowl when I’m done eating, and this seems like it wouldn’t feel good to the lips. Maybe in a larger serving piece, and maybe there is a way to make similar angles without looking like there should be a lid?

  31. I like the same one you do. The rusty color with the green is a nice combination. Hope you make more.

  32. I really like the shape of the "new" rim. Your work has an austere quality and somehow the rim (like the thin ridges on some porcelain vessels you made earlier in the year) add the most delicate bit of whimsy. Very cool. Thanks for sharing your process. And I was very happy you showed these through the final firing so we could see them finished.

  33. can you make a cup or just something small… take two of them made the same way and sacrifice one to the other kiln so you can show what a difference the reduction does?

  34. I noticed you take the bungs out at the end of the firing. Do you 'crash cool' to some point and then put the bungs back in?

  35. Excellent maintainance of the workshop and Equipment.
    Superliked that the oven has an iron work with wheels

  36. Hello Florian. I noticed that you centered this first lump of clay more than you usually do. Thinking back to this, can you remember why you centered it as much as you did?

  37. I like: an inward-facing rim ; how the glaze highlights a faceted rim
    I don't like: an unclosed lid
    I always LOVE : an inspiring video that shows the whole process in details as well as the thought behind it. thank you!

  38. What is the tool you are using to trim?

  39. Lovely work. Almost looks like modernized celadon

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