Throwing a New Idea – Bowls with Indented Rims -

Throwing a New Idea – Bowls with Indented Rims

Florian Gadsby
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This week’s film shows the creation of a new bowl shape. It’s a test really, an indented rim on a bowl and this video shows how they were made from beginning to end. From a lump of clay being thrown on my pottery wheel, to the finished, gas fired objects in my kiln.

ANGULAR bowl video:

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0:12 – Introduction and throwing bowl
2:35 – Indented the rim
4:10 – Trimming the bowl
8:41 – Turning the rim
9:27 – Bisque firing the kiln to 1000ºc
10:05 – Waxing the bowls feet
11:00 – Glazing the bowls
12:30 – Cleaning up the glazed surface
14:34 – Packing the gas kiln
15:20 – Firing the gas kiln in reduction to 1290ºc
17:00 – Unpacking the kiln
17:39 – The finished bowl!!
18:21 – Sanding the pots base
18:42 – A couple of photographs of the finished pieces
19:17 – Clean up

I throw using a Rohde HMT 500 or 600, and fire using a Rohde TE-200 electric kiln and KG-340 gas kiln.


  1. I truly love the colour but a darker colour is just as appealing ❤

  2. A bigger bowl fashioned in the same way could be a Casserole Dish

  3. My partner and I love cooking weekend stews as a winter tradition. I would love to get a couple of these bowls in a small size just big enough for a hearty serving of stew and rice. The shape looks like it embraces your meal, making it easy to lift with a spoon, and the foot potentially makes for an easy grip for eating while standing on the balcony on a rainy evening. Really a charming bowl. Where can I see when you are restocking your store?

  4. I love the bowls! ❤ I have two questions if you don’t mind. Where can I find a stand with wheels like the one you use for your electric kiln? And, is that a “strong arm” attached to your wheel platform or? (The wooden implement.)

  5. The one thing that would prevent me from enjoying this bowl is that cleaning that extra ridge. it would add another step to cleaning my bowls in that i would have to clean the inside lip of that ridge. other than that, beautiful work as always!

  6. I watch these videos as I fall asleep so the sound of the heat gun was an auditory attack to me

  7. Beautiful work as always Florian! My only concern with the split rim is that I would get more chipping there from daily use. I love the encouragement of the pooling glaze though. I also feel what you mean about that form wanting a lid now that it has a shelf there. Anyways, really lovely work. I really hope this comment doesn’t come across as critical, because I do like the bowls!

  8. Absolutely amazing craftsmanship. I so much enjoy watching you work. I have gained much knowledge from your videos. 🙂

  9. Thank you again for sharing your gift with us. Beautiful 😍

  10. i like your new slightly less tranquilized voiceover 🙂

  11. I've seen jingdezhen bowls with rims like this before

  12. I think the way the glaze breaks and the shape of the piece are beautiful, but I have to admit that if I had this piece I would probably assume that rim was a gallery an be looking for the equally beautiful lid.

  13. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for showing your wares to us. I enjoy all your videos

  14. One day I'll be fortunate enough to buy some of your wares. Might be 10 years from now but I'm hopeful.

  15. These remind me of the rims that Marguerite Wildenhain used on her bowls quite often. It has such a crisp and clean look.

  16. Love your work! What does a typical 9 hour gas fire process cost you?

  17. I've been throwing a lot of dainty, lidded jewelry containers recently (Christmas gifts) so I also feel the strong urge to put a cover over it!
    I can imagine how especially delicate the rim will look when the bowl is holding food or fruit, like a still life painting.

  18. I think it looks absolutely beautiful but as a cook/ baker, it looks like a weak point if someone gives a spoon a cleaning rap off the rim. My batter bowls have serviceable thicker rims, I’d be afraid I’d forget to be careful and chip the edge. <this is why I can’t have nice things, LOL>

  19. Bro you made a lid and called it a bowl. That's like making a shoe and calling it a hat!!! 🤣🤣🤣 Come off it bruv. This is some amateur hooplah. No one else sees it?

  20. I have no preference on the bowls results. All are wonderful !! I love your work. Thanks for showing it !

  21. I was wondering how big your bowls are in inches since I have been trying to make perfect bowls for a while

  22. I love the way the new rims on those bowls turns out so brown. The way the glaze reacts is so interesting!

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