Top 5 kayak fishing lures -

Top 5 kayak fishing lures

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I go over (my) best 5 lures for kayak fishing! This video is a run down of the kayak fishing lures that I use and why I use them.

I go over color, where I throw certain lures, and what time of year I thrown them. The advantages of Kayak Fishing can actually affect which lures are best in my opinion as well.

I also try to offer clarity on what you really need to buy starting out in kayak fishing in hopes to make you an effective bass fisherman (or woman) and not have to go in the hole financially just to get started. #fishingkayak #fishinglures #bassfishing #fishingkayak #senko #kayak #fishing

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intro – 00:00
Swimbait – 00:54
Ned Rig – 03:22
Crankbait – 05:47
Chatterbait/Spinner – 08:24
Worm/Stickbait – 13:20
Honorable mention – 16:35


  1. Let me know what you think! What are your go to kayak lures? Where are you located? Colors? presentation? Lakes or river?

  2. My go to is a weightless Texas rig senko. Green pumpkin and watermelon.

  3. Here in Alabama we YAK fish the Creeks & Rivers, Hellgrammites weightless or on Owner Blockhead 1/16oz were my GOAT this YEAR. Toss them in the current. Great Pond lure also.

  4. Texas rig big ol monster Junebug. Ned Rig hellgramite watermelon red. Most fun topwater any topwater. Can always catch them on a jig.
    And last but not least Jerkbait

  5. Fishing in Texas, the water was still biting on an 8 to 12-foot crank on top water. Up in Wisconsin, they are up in hardcover, so I was pulling them out with a fluke. In Arkansas, I'm catching them on a red-shaded Texas rig,
    Pumpkin chatter bait with a Craw trailer, a pumpkin wacky rig green, pumpkin pearl spook, silver with a black back square bill.

  6. Great video. One of your best. Useful information. I can always use another person's point of view and experience to improve my fishing performance

  7. i dont do lures yet just night crawlers and worms with bobbers mostly or fishing bottom on the Mississippi backwaters and the Wisconsin river so far . all though id like to try it, just got a new bait caster that i need to learn how to use! thanks for the info much needed

  8. Crankbait: KVD 1.5

    Swimbait: Berkley Powerbait pogy 3" and Big Joshy

    Top water Ribbit frog w/ Stanley Double Take hooks

    Wacky worm: Yum dinger and Yamamoto senkos

    Bottom Bugs: Blue Rock 1099 swimjigs and Yamamoto Yamatanuki
    Those lures work pretty good in Ohio from several YouTube channels
    Still Spinners and bladed jigs produce plenty of hit also

  9. Kawartha Lakes of Southern Ontario. I like to troll. Rapala Shad Rap has caught walleye, bass, muskie, pike, trout and all the panfish. Switch to Berkley Grass Pig rigged weedless if I start catching too many weeds. ;D. Both work well casting too.

  10. Great video! Love the topic!! I agree with you and the others, hellgrammites catch everything!

  11. Great video. Just wanted you to know that I blew my knees out while walking. I can’t stop eating.

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