Touring The Sweet Escape House Vacation Rental! | Amazing Themed Rooms and Tons of Entertainment -

Touring The Sweet Escape House Vacation Rental! | Amazing Themed Rooms and Tons of Entertainment

Rix Flix
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Touring The Sweet Escape House Vacation Rental! | Amazing Themed Rooms and Tons of Entertainment. Learn more here

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  1. Nikki is one cool dame, why can't they all be more like her?

  2. I just hope there are no snakes in the yard

  3. What an interesting place for maybe a family reunion or family vacation. I would like to stay there.

  4. hey!! I’m the owner’s (Andrew) niece!! so glad you got to stop by 🙂

  5. What an interesting and exciting place to stay at. The theming was amazing.

  6. Have you seen the rates? It's not for everyone. Lol

  7. As a fast and furious fan i would so be hogging that game and playing it with either the dodge charger, mitsubishi eclipse, supra, skyline, etc. 😎

  8. 15:11 i see the turntable for dj hero!! Shout out to legendary dj grandmaster flash!!! 😎🎧 you actually meet him in the introduction section of the games where he teaches you the basics of how to dj!!! I have both dj hero 1&2 and i got them the day they came out!!!

  9. I think it needs some more theming! 🙃

  10. That place is awesome, wish they had a doughnut room. Lol

  11. This video is definitely one of the best!

  12. Very cool. But when you walk out on the balcony and say that it's cooler and more comfortable now, I'm sitting here in PA with snow…. 😉

  13. Ricky!!!!!
    It’s our last day at Orlando tomorrow. Come to universal!!! We want to meet you! All the way from Australia 🇦🇺🦘

    Thanks for the all the updates Rickidy Rick!!!

  14. Something different for your channel there Rick love that 👌

  15. Loved this video! I probably could never stay here, but it looks sweeeet. Looks like the family had fun ❤

  16. Love seeing you both step outside your normal videos. I would love to stay in this sweet retreat!

  17. I was ten minutes into this video before it dawned on me……this isn’t a “candy themed escape room whole house” 😮

  18. Production… Perfect! Good job Rix and Nix! ❤️

  19. The kitchen needs some sweet treat inspiration into its design.

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