Trix Are For Kids! | The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City S4, E3 Recap #rhoslc -

Trix Are For Kids! | The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City S4, E3 Recap #rhoslc

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❄️ We’re back to recap Season 4 of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City! With new housewives in the mix and only 3 episodes in… it’s getting good!

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  1. You guys are my favorite people to watch on YouTube right now. You just give me such positive light energy and I’ve been in such a dark depressed place lately after my cat dying. You guys give me hope that there are people out there that can be your person. The bond and love you guys have is so beautiful

  2. Didn't one of the ladies say that Monica dropped something off to them for Jen. I think they referred to her as her assistant. Whether she actually was I have no clue but I'm sure I heard that in 1 of the 1st eps of s4. I love Heather, Whitney and Lisa. Meredith and Mary drive me crazy. It's good TV but Mary doesn't seem to want to be there and Meredith seems to think she's the most important in the group and that she's above everyone else but she just looks ridiculous to me 😂 which like I said, good TV but i hope she gets some comeuppance.

  3. It was so shady of Meredith not too invite Angie on a trip for new beginnings, it pointed out Meredith for who she is I think. Vindictive and thinking she's superior. I'm so glad Whitney invited her, she had way more right to be there compared to Monica and even Mary in my opinion especially if ur not paying for the trip. And plus Meredith invited a plus 1 on Jens trip. Karma !!!

  4. Well Mary makes me laugh bc she doesn’t give a 💩
    I don’t care for Heather past 2 seasons she seems 2 faced and not sure at end of it almost looked like she was peeing but I’m sure the bag was dripping from puking 🤢
    Lisa is on my dang nerves on her ring we all no it was 60k so tired of hearing her saying it and she talks like a valley girl 🙄
    Like the newbie Monica tho
    Sorry I just watched episode last nite
    You both make me laugh Adam and Jason 😂

  5. Love me some Mary Cosby. No filter and hilarious. I could never show up if not invited like Angie did

  6. I’m enjoying this season so much. I just watched all 3 episodes today ! I laughed so hard ! I’ve always loved Mary and still do ! Whitney is disgusting and always has been ! Heather is hilarious as well seeing her sitting at the table cracking up at everything was SOOO funny and when Mary ask her what Whitney said about her and she lifted her head up and said “predator” I was screaming laughing !!! Wow I love rhoslc!!! Usually Atlanta is my favorite but these girls are winning ! They are soo funny !

  7. OMG 😂 I say the Trix are for kids when necessary too ❤🤷‍♀️

  8. Age doesn't always make you wise. If they used alcohol to cope when young, they may stick with what works for them; regardless of what wisdoms they've learned. Especially when money and/or fame is the ultimate prize.

  9. If this was a real trip, I would’ve been peeved

  10. Mary has great clap 👏🏽 backs.. Awackard and weird.. I love it..

  11. Mary has great clap 👏🏽 backs.. Awackard and weird.. I love it..

  12. Angie is so desperate. Get rid of her Bravo..

  13. Am I the only one who cannot for the life of me stand Mary??? She’s so.. weird. It makes me uncomfortable. Irl I would be grossed out by her. She just gives me the ick.

  14. Really not liking Whitney.
    Nasty on so many levels.
    She’s a producers puppet.

  15. Does anyone know on wich websites YOU can watch these episodes?

  16. I’m loving Monica and Mary!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏❤❤❤I hope people are seeing the big pile of Bull $h!t that is Whitney. She plans out every single move she makes. Whitney planned the thing with Angie and she sat back with her dumb smirk enjoying it all. I also remember hearing all the reasons her reasons she came up with for stupid behavior. We heard about Whitney’s dad, her alleged abuse, her leaving the church, her business, her husband being fired….it’s all her excuse for treating people like crap.

  17. I can’t stand Kelly. She is so rude and entitled. I will try to watch

  18. I’m not liking Whitney this season anymore.

  19. Also I wonder when and if Heather will hop on the Ozempic bus.

  20. Adam and Jason you guys look so good. The skin is glowing 😍. Love you guys.

  21. Every Housewife show needs a drunk Heather Gay an Activated Meredith Marks and a IDGAF Mary Cosby😅

  22. Shout out to Lisa. It takes a big person to comfort Meredith esp after Meredith had spread rumors about Lisa and every other horrible thing she’s done and tried to do to Lisa last season. Meredith has never once, even when they were friends, had Lisa’s back or comforted Lisa, not one time, nope. It was always Lisa doing the comforting but never the other way around. I think Meredith is jealous of Lisa and that’s why they can’t be friends. Lisa is always running after Meredith and comforting her but it’s a one sided relationship and that’s why she had her hot mic moment. She’s tired of being there for Meredith when Meredith has never been a true or loyal friend to Lisa

  23. Show feels much more enjoyable without the shah drama and presence

  24. I'm glad Mary is back, but I would rather have Angie Harrington instead of Monica.

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