Unboxing a Pallet Twice my size Check out all the amazing items! - famousescapegames.com

Unboxing a Pallet Twice my size Check out all the amazing items!

Hooked on Pickin’ Amazon FBA Seller
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I unbox this pallet taller than me and find some really neat stuff.
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  1. Paul, we need shower curtain with grommets.

  2. Does the shower curtain come with a liner?

  3. My only question is why is Santa pants less

  4. Did you put bug zappers on hooked and were

  5. With regard to shower curtains and all things home decor: kitsch retro 1950's 1960's style stuff is really hot.

  6. Those metal figures are adorable. Look great on the lawn.

  7. In England, when we were growing up, we had Father Christmas come to visit. Not Santa Claus. Same “person”, different name.

  8. Put those big things out front and the will go how’s the planter shoes ?lol 😊

  9. The glass water bottles would make a pretty bud vase

  10. I love watching you unbox! that's the one thing I missed when I ran a stuffed animal store I love opening things and enjoying the cuteness

  11. So my eldest daughter was about 16 when our friends father bet her $20.00 to touch her tongue to a bug zapper racket. She did it…after he gave her the $20 he told her to alway negotiate a bet…because he would have paid her $50 to do it

  12. Spam Risk callers are idiots. They don't care how many times they call you.

  13. I'm sure the 4 ft figures will sell quickly. If they could ship, you wouldn't be able to keep them in stock! 😃

  14. I bought that angel & pumpkin statue from you. I love it!!

  15. Paul can you please 🙏 put me on your prayers at church ⛪ I may have colon cancer

  16. The Santa welcome sign, truly looks like he forgot his pants. 😂

  17. Looks like Santa needs his legs painted red! 😯 Loving the reindeer 🥰

  18. well with bows they sell all the time not just Xmas

  19. i want to thank both of you for your service you are heroes

  20. For a moment there I thought we lost Heather to the box monster. 🤣 I'm glad we didn't. Hopefully y'all will find the cardinal cups soon.

  21. Spam risk if important they will leave a message. My favorite is "you requested information on Student loan forgiveness". I never requested it. Hahaha

  22. It may be a glass bottle, bit still has plastic cap. So you still drinking thru plastic. We got a great neoprene set from Amazon and I send my husband to work with sweet tea in it everyday. He thinks they are great.

  23. I really wish I could order but I still love watching x

  24. I sometimes times use showe curtains to make tote bag etc cheap and waterproof

  25. Those standing metal Santa snowman and reindeer have such skinny legs. Lol. Maybe they should be sold like in Florida. They have no pants and no sleeves. Lol. They are adorable ❤

  26. Angel on a pumpkin, is that made of wood or pvc? I have several of angels like that from a well known company. What company is that from?

  27. Hope you sister is on the road to recovery 🙏

  28. Congratulations again. What a haul – lots of amazing items for sure. Fortunately, there don't appear to be any edible contents in that big collection of cardboard boxes.

  29. Heather. I’m disappointed that we didn’t hear you sing your signature “STAR PARTY’ song when you unboxed these. (Yes I sang it as I wrote it) LOL

  30. The metal Santa,snowman and Moose are awesome. I would buy if I was closer. Darn it!!!!

  31. The Santa is dressed for Christmas in NZ!

  32. I went to your store, eBay and Facebook but did not see any of the items unboxed in this video. I am a new subscriber and am confused as to how this works. Please help me to understand. Thanks.

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