Very Consistent Durability | MHA 404 + 405 Reaction & Analysis -

Very Consistent Durability | MHA 404 + 405 Reaction & Analysis

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  1. 39:26 formed inside your higher layers of skin but expelled through the pores. Still makes no fucking sense given that it wouldn’t form that close to his heart post mortem or stay formed for over 40 minutes.

  2. I think the arc is really good in terms of the raw concept, but it’s just riddled with moments like bakugo getting revived because of magic heart explosion and not allowing All Might to die and bolster the plot. I’d still say I like the arc, but I don’t like a lot of Hori’s fuck ups. It’s starting to turn into JJK levels of hype manga/anime where they forsake any semblance of good writing in exchange for “it would be cool though.”

  3. NO, because wasn't Kasuki fighting on the ground? The building was floating in the air, so unless he was carried up there, he had to of flown over there.

  4. "stop asking questions, just consume product and get excited for next product"

  5. OMG SO PEAK!!!!
    (I have not read My Hero in months)

  6. I also love how Bakugo was practically a human bullet, and somehow didn't blasted through All Might's body, kinda like how A-train killed Robin in The Boys

  7. Bakugou himself said he's the final boss. This just confirms what I've been saying all along. That deku isn't the main character. It was Bakugou all along

  8. I hate when manga authors bend over backwards to say “no fate is definitely real and circumstances are entirely predetermined but if you REEEEEALLY try and REEEEEEALLY believe- I mean to a hilariously impossible extent- you miiiiiiiight be able to redirect it (slightly).”

    Even though one piece isnt free of this, god is it refreshing for the protagonist to have the power to see and change the future as a minor combat ability he achieved entirely through training. There’s a point where an elephant is about to spray poison out of its trunk and luffy just… stops it. He sees the future and changes it completely with no backlash, tying the trunk into a knot like it’s a joke. I read chapters like this from mha, see just how much TIME they devote to justifying and explaining minor, butterfly effect level changes to fate and the future, and just feel like they’re being delusional in comparison. This is fiction man. Why would you add the fake problem of being at the mercy of fate?

  9. Bakugo is one of the worst rivals in any shonen I've ever read.

  10. I thought edgeshot reviving bakugo was going to be the goofiest thing that happened… and yet somehow bakugo exploding himself back to life is goofier. This honestly seems like hori retconned edgeshot becoming a heart cause everyone thought it was stupid, but imo edgeshot heart both makes more sense and is less stupid than this. This feels like the monkeys paw granted our wish for MHA where bakugo doesn't get revived by edgeshot heart.

  11. The question about a final fight between Bakugo and Deku made me come up with an unhinged theory that AFO will take Bakugo’s body instead of Shiggy because Deku won’t be able to kill him. It’s so insane and nonsense and yet the exploding heart sweat makes me think there’s a chance that’s exactly what’ll happen.

  12. So it turns out nitroglycerin injections can help the heart during cardiac arrest, but see here, the heart still has to be functional. It doesn’t work when the heart is already exploded even if it’s stitched together. Medical expert my ass.

  13. Gotta love how a 16(?) Year old boy who has just been resurrected by spaghetti and magic sweat that should be holding on for dear life is somehow capable to beat the ever living daylights out of the secondary main villain with ninebillion superpowers including a lazer beam that one-shot one of the strongest villains in the series.
    It's so sad what this manga has come too. It could have been so great. But now we have garbage like this. Just a mid battle manga surviving of pure "that's kinda raw tho".

  14. MHA is like 9 notches deeper than fairytail and is still being plagued by the power of friendship level corn.

  15. The realness comparison is weird because none of this screams realism but the goofy nature of this rez was so wild that i truly struggle to understand what i even just read tbh.
    Why drag this out and why not just let bakugo revivify on the stop[ but be immobile because of well…exploding heart technique..? Like the dragging of feet for dramatic response for the characters is so out of pocket and incongruent with the pace we've been on since the 'death' happened. Like I DID drop this manga after edgeshot became his heart so to come back for that to have meant almost nothing for either character atp makes me wish I'd just came back when the arc/series was at it's finale. sheeeshhhh

  16. The Champion and Future number 1 Hero Dynamight is up and here to end this War!!

  17. Damn, this manga had a very interesting premise, it's kind of sad how it turned into this trash

  18. It's hilarious that Bakugo was able to explode himself back to life, if Edgeshot didn't patch him up he would have just exploded into pieces 40 minutes after dying

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