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WHAT I GOT MY KIDS FOR CHRISTMAS 2022 | Gift guide for teen boys, preteens, girl & toddler presents

pink after blue
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What we got our five kids for Christmas 2022. This is a gift guide sharing what we bought for stocking stuffers and presents for our teen and preteen boys, our six year old girl, and our three year old toddler baby boy. See my kids’ stocking stuffers and their Christmas gifts! I share unique, quality, trendy gift ideas for kids on your list. I may have gone a tad overboard. The kids got lots of presents! Hopefully this gift guide helps other moms and dads find the perfect Christmas gift this season. I also share how I save money buying gifts for my kids on Amazon. SUBSCRIBE to see more videos from me:

Merry Christmas to you and your family! The reason for the season: For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

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[[ I paid for all products shown in the video other than the Shashibo cubes, which were sent to me as a gift and mentioned in the video. I do receive a small commission from the affiliate links you see below, but it doesn’t cost you any extra & I appreciate it so much! – xo, Loren]]

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  1. THis was fantastic! We have a family game night every Tuesday, so for a family gift, I ordered the Loot N; Loaded Quick Draw Game to play!! Thanks for such great ideas!

  2. Ahhhh!!! Ive been checking ur channel daily waiting on this video!:)))

  3. Love this! My kids are getting older, I was wondering what is your budget for your kids?

  4. Presley is so cute!! I love how you know what is popular with teens/tweens

  5. I've been waiting for this video! I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas ❤️

  6. Are you doing a stocking video? You always have the best ideas.

  7. I checked for this video like it was my job😂😂😂😂😂♥️♥️♥️

  8. My 3 older boys have been asking me daily if you’ve posted your video yet! They love to watch your videos and rushed right to their iPads to watch!

  9. I’m so glad you posted! Now I feel like I need to return items and quickly order some of those awesome things you got your big boys! You always have the best ideas. Something I saw an ad for recently was you can have your pets turned into a Pokémon card-I feel like your boy may love that!

  10. Yay! Yay! Yay! You posted! So glad you're back!

  11. Hi I ve been waiting for u return to utube..

  12. Your videos are so missed!! And please give deets on your nails! Dip or Gel?

  13. You look beautiful! Love your rainbow tree! Your gift guides are the best! Thanks for sharing!

  14. You are just absolutely wonderful , I really enjoy this . I love your style of gifting.. you deserve a medal !

  15. I have all grand boys and I have such a hard time buying for them. You have the best gift guides for kids out of anyone on YouTube! The gifts you come up with are amazing and then you link them all! Thank you! Merry Christmas and wishing you and your beautiful family the happiest and healthiest New Year!

  16. This is what I've been waiting for all year 💚❤️ Happy holidays I've missed you and your fam!!

  17. “just trying to stay focused here” as the camera goes out of focus 😂 The cats stole this video. ❤

  18. I literally use your Christmas video as my last minute Christmas shopping for my kids when I've already been done for a month, wrapped and all… it's a guilty pleasure at this point 😆

  19. It’s not necessarily an autistic thing with Cruz, look up categorization or sorting schemas. Very normal developmental things young toddlers and kids go through but not enough people know about them. So interesting! My daughter did this too, she’s neuro typical tho.

  20. Does Cruz still play with his roller coaster?! I’m dying to get my 3-year-old one of those but my husband thinks it won’t be something he would play with for long enough to justify the price.

  21. Finally!!! Yay! Can’t wait to watch! Your videos are the best!! 🎉

  22. For Cruz, Id keep an open mind about asd & social kids. My son is super (OVERLY) social and hes asd L2-3 was a nightmare to get him diagnosed. But its deffinantly possible for social people to be on the spectrum

  23. I look forward to your Christmas guide video every year. Your cat is so beautiful.

  24. Didn't they recall one wheels, i saw it on the news. They will stop all of a sudden and can roll backwards and send you flying to the ground. My friend has one 😬

  25. Yay! I’m so glad you did this video because I have a 12 year old and sometimes it can be hard to buy for him and there are not a lot of videos out there for teenage boys. There was many time I checked your channel for this video!!!!

  26. Are these presents by you and your husband or just you?

    I was waiting so long for this video. I checked too many times.😅

  27. hi, can you please share the info for the cloud slides you were talking about that's not Adidas

  28. Hi!! Love all your gift ideas. I found you last year watching your what I got my kids for Christmas video. Just wanted to let you know I have heard that dungeons and dragons has a really dark meaning and its not the best game for kids to play. Just wanted to be informative

  29. Omg…I'm so happy to see a video from you 😃😃 I found your channel Easter and even ordered stuff you showed. I never saw you again ☹ I checked so many times. I hope all is well 💖

  30. Yay so glad you posted! Great ideas. Random but do you have a link for the shirt your wearing?

  31. I am surprised to see there's no manga related stuff for your kid that love Japan.
    Mangas/anime about sports are pretty well known for inspiring kids to try sports. Famous soccer players were really into Captain Tsubasa as kids and even basketball became big in Asia because of slam dunk. I highly recommend getting some series like Haikyuu!! It's a series about volleyball and it's great, age appropriate and might inspire your kid to do more exercise by trying to play volleyball 😁

  32. I have literally been watching your videos for years…I specifically kept an eye on your channel for this video and was so disappointed when I didn't find it…THANK YOU for posting!! I love your content on youtube and hope to see more!

  33. Did anyone see the poncho or stair slide photo she said she was going to insert? Wondering if I’m crazy or if she just forgot to insert them. 😂

  34. Oh I really thought you weren't making the video this year then my 11 year old sends me the link for the video. Thank you. You were the only one I was looking for!!

  35. Here I am watching although I have already got all of my gifts purchased lol. I love your ideas!

  36. So happy to see a video from you

  37. Wow your kids are going to have a wonderful Christmas!!!! Also, I love your decor!

  38. 3rd time watching this video cause I love it so much!!
    I spoil my daughter and nieces too on Christmas.
    Merry Christmas!!!!

  39. Will you do a stocking video? Do your older kids like the tonal from last year?

  40. Lauren the way you make sure you know everything about your child’s Interests and buy things that are truly meaningful is the definition of a good present mom . Merry Christmas

  41. I love the ideas but I thought I read somewhere the pint x was mentioned by consumer products not to buy as they are not safe.

  42. All the magic stuff is not my favorite. It’s kinda opening a door you may not want to. Just as a Christian it’s worrisome. Otherwise great purchases. Those guys are going to love the one wheels. Your daughter will want one next.

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