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What If Deku Became An Apex Predator | Part 2

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What If Deku Became An Apex Predator | Part 2

Summary: Every single school had one: someone at the top of the food chain. An acme. Someone who could do things under a teacher’s nose, escape consequences, and terrify other people. Someone who looked down on everyone else like they were prey. An apex predator. And Izuku couldn’t count on teachers and adults to protect anyone. Even a hero school wasn’t safe from the phenomena. When Izuku gets to Yuuei, he’s determined to find out who it is and ensure they can’t hurt him or his new friends.
…and accidentally, in the process, becomes the apex predator (though he is mostly unaware of this, and uses it for good. But still, people are terrified of him.)

Title: Apex Predator by silver jackdaw (cizzi)

*Gameplay used in this Video Are Mine From Game BGMI*

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  1. god izuku letting monoma go on at the table- DXXXXXXXX yeahhhhhhhh why do they cry after you talk to them? I wonder why…..BROOOO i love these fandoms frfr, like im reaching so many that bring out the possible behind the scenes of their homes or life- the in between of black and white/ heroes and villains. ahkdhfkashdjkfhajkfhdisafheuihasfjkehkajlfh Bro in buff form snatching izuku-dang.. izuku's healing and eri using her quirk.. both kinda require them to put themselves in danger WAITTTTTTTT IF… IF IZUKU IS….. THEN IS IZUKU AND SHIGGY…… DUDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEngl izuku has to stop worrying the heck outa his friends ;-;dam that got deep

  2. It won't play 😭 i restarted youtube and everything, i can watch other videos too 😢

  3. I love this what if for so many reasons.

    No mineta thank god

    Hitoshi in general is great!

    Izuku healing tensei and ida understanding his mistakes

    Daddy zawa and how he shows care for his students like they were his own kittens (lol get it aizawa loves cats)

    Fuck you endeavor!

    Dabi being a guadian for shoto and reuniting with his siblings

    Hawks starting not to be controlled by the hero commission and being his own men as well being fond of his interns.

    The scene where Shigaraki understands izuku better as a person at the arcade after izuku threatened the support hero kid

    Izuku started a weird game of tag with Shigaraki

    The league of villians interaction with izuku which lead them respected izuku in their own way

    Izuku just knowing dabi is in the league of villians and dabi is just astounded he knew

    The field trip where hawks tensei and dabi and fyumi are with them.

    Shoto asking his siblings to be friends with hawks awww

    Denki gets intimidated by a penguin lol.

    Of course bakugo would go to the lion exhibit

    Fyumi is not fine. And dabi and hawks help hers.

    Of course izuk fell in the lion exhibit and wow bakugo saved izuku from the lion.

    Even Miruko showed up to the zoo!

    Yeah drinking with Miruko fyumi dabi and hawks.

    Fuck the hero commission.

    Inko is related to all mights master. Not suprised.

    All might realizing who izuku and inko are gets super protective of them

    In their own way cares or want to help izuku.

    Daddy aizawa and hitoshi.

    Godfather yagi is going to give you a offer you cant refuse.

    Now hes Izuku shimura

  4. I love the absolute beast of deku being a apex predator😂😂

  5. Episode 3 please 🥺❤️❤️❤️🥺

  6. Part 3 pls can’t leave us hanging like that

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